Enterprise, city (1990 pop. 20,123), Coffee co., SE Ala.; inc. 1896. It is a peanut-shipping center with many peanut-processing establishments. There are also lumber and textile mills and plants that make concrete. The region's diversified farming began after the boll weevil destroyed (1910-15) the cotton; in gratitude for the resulting prosperity, the city erected (1919) a monument to the boll weevil.
or free-market economy or free-enterprise system

Economic system in which most of the means of production are privately owned, and production is guided and income distributed largely through the operation of markets. Capitalism has been dominant in the Western world since the end of mercantilism. It was fostered by the Reformation, which sanctioned hard work and frugality, and by the rise of industry during the Industrial Revolution, especially the English textile industry (16th–18th centuries). Unlike earlier systems, capitalism used the excess of production over consumption to enlarge productive capacity rather than investing it in economically unproductive enterprises such as palaces or cathedrals. The strong national states of the mercantilist era provided the social conditions, such as uniform monetary systems and legal codes, necessary for the rise of capitalism. The ideology of classical capitalism was expressed in Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations (1776), and Smith's free-market theories were widely adopted in the 19th century. In the 20th century the Great Depression effectively ended laissez-faire economics in most countries, but the demise of the state-run command economies of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (see communism) and the adoption of some free-market principles in China left capitalism unrivaled (if not untroubled) by the beginning of the 21st century.

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Enterprise (occasionally used with the archaic spelling Enterprize) can refer to the following:

Economics and business

  • A business, company, or comparable organization
  • Entrepreneurship, the practice of starting new organizations, particularly new businesses
  • Enterprise for High School Students, a non-profit organization
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car, a car-rental agency
  • Enterprise Asia, a regional NGO for the development of entrepreneurship, based in Kuala Lumpur
  • Enterprize Canada, a Canadian student-run entrepreneurial business plan competition and conference
  • Enterprise Plc, a civil engineering and maintenance company in the United Kingdom
  • Farm enterprise, a component of a farm business; a farm may for example include an arable enterprise and a dairy enterprise
  • Free enterprise, a type of economy; a loose synonym for implemented capitalism
  • Enterprise, an informal name for STTGI (Stanford Technology Trading Group International), a U.S. weapons-dealing company involved in the Iran-Contra Affair
  • Subud Enterprise Services, any entrepreneurial activity undertaken by a member of the spiritual organization Subud







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