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List of English flags

This is a list of flags used exclusively in England. For other flags used in England, and the rest of the United Kingdom, see List of British flags.

The Flag Institute, which maintains the national registry of United Kingdom flags, is used as the reference for most of these flags.

National flags

Flag Date Use Description
1348 - Flag of England
(also known as the St George's Cross)
A centred red cross on a white background, 3:5.

Royal Standards

Flag Date Use Description
1837 The Royal Standard of the United Kingdom. It is the banner of Queen Elizabeth II in her capacity as Queen of the United Kingdom. Split into quadrants, the first and fourth quadrants contain three gold lions passant on a red field (representing England); the second quadrant contains a red lion rampant on a gold field (representing Scotland); the third quadrant contains a gold harp on a blue field (representing Ireland).
Standard of the Duke of Cornwall 15 golden circles forming a triangle on a black field
Standard of the Duchy of Lancaster The Royal Standard of England, with a three point label, each containing three fleurs-de-lis
2004 Standard of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports A banner of the Lord's coat of arms featuring three Lions passant guardant con-joined to these hulls, all in gold


Flag Date Use Description
1829 - Flag of the Metropolitan Police The Badge of the Metropolitan Police on a blue background, with white squares at the edge


Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Westminster Abbey Tudor arms between Tudor roses, above Edward the Confessor's arms

Regions and Cities

Flag Date Use Description
Flag of Bedfordshire Red and gold quarters split horizontally by blue and white waves and vertically with a black band containing three white shells. The red and gold quarters are from the arms of the Beauchamps, the leading family in the county after the Norman Conquest. The waves signify the River Ouse, and the shells are from the arms of the Russell Family, commemorating their services to the state and to the county.
Flag of Berkshire (unofficial) Two horizontal bands of white over light blue, bearing, overall, a stylised image of a golden deer and oak.
Flag of Buckinghamshire black and red vertical stripes with a white swan
Early 19th Century Saint Piran's Flag, the Flag of Cornwall (Kernow)
A white cross on a black field, 3:5.
22 September 2006 - Flag of Derbyshire
A green cross with a white border on a sky blue field, with a gold Tudor rose in the centre, 3:5.
23 July 2002 - Flag of Devon, aka St Petrock's Cross
A white cross with a black border on a green field, 3:5.
16 September 2008 - Flag of Dorset - The Dorset Cross, aka St Wite's Cross
A white cross with a red border on a gold field, 3:5.
Flag of the city of Durham. A red cross cross outlined in white on a black field.
1900s - Flag of East Anglia
The arms ascribed to the Wuffingas dynasty of East Anglia, three crowns on a blue shield, superimposed on a St. George's Cross, 3:5.
Flag of Essex
A red field with three white, gold hilted Saxon swords or Seaxes.
March 2008 - Flag of Gloucestershire - The Severn Cross
A mid-blue cross, outlined in cream, against an apple green background - the winning entry in a competition to commemorate the county's millennium.
Flag of Hampshire
Flag of Huntingdonshire(unofficial) On a green background, a gold, ribboned hunting horn - detail taken from the crest of the county arms (full achievement).
Flag of the Isles of Scilly - The Scillonian Cross
A white cross on an orange upper field and blue lower field with five white stars in the upper right quarter, 3:5.
1605 - Flag of Kent
A red field with a white horse in the centre, 3:5.
Flag of Lancashire The red rose of Lancashire on a yellow field (originally a white field)
2005 - Flag of Lincolnshire A red cross with yellow trimming on a blue and green field, and a yellow fleur de lys in the middle of the cross.
Flag of the City of London A red cross on a white field, with a red sword in the canton
13th Century - Flag of Mercia A gold saltire on a blue field (Cross of St Alban); the traditional flag of the Kingdom of Mercia, still flown on Tamworth Castle.
Flag of Middlesex A red field with three white, gold hilted Saxon swords or Seaxes under a gold Saxon crown.
7th century (modern form 1951) - Flag of Northumberland Eight yellow rectangles on a red field, note that the canton (top corner nearest the flagpole) should be gold.
Flag of Rutland A green background strewn with golden acorns, surrounding a central golden horseshoe.
Flag of Somerset A red dragon on a yellow field, bearing a blue mace - a banner of the county arms.
Flag of Staffordshire The county's coat of arms on a green field.
Flag of Suffolk (unofficial) A cross of Saint George bearing a shield of arms attributed to the martyred Saint Edmund.
Flag of Surrey Divided into halves, blue and black, with two gold keys representing the Chertsey Abbey, a woolpack on blue and a sprig of oak on black. (a banner of the modern coat of arms of Surrey County Council).
2008 - Flag of Sussex The background is divided into red and blue bearing six traditional golden (yellow) martlets over a stylised representation of the waves on the Sussex shoreline.
Flag of Wessex A gold wyvern on a red field.
1938 - Flag of the Isle of Wight detail taken from the shield in island's Arms.
Flag of Wiltshire (unofficial) Alternating downward angled stripes of green and white bearing a green disc within six alternating green and white sections, on which stands an image of a Great Bustard.
Flag of Yorkshire The White Rose of Yorkshire on a dark blue field.

Historical flags

National flags and ensigns

Flag Date Use Description
1620 - 1707 English Red Ensign A red ensign with the Flag of England in the canton
1620 - 1707 English White Ensign A white ensign with the Flag of England in the canton
1620 - 1707 English Blue Ensign A blue ensign with the Flag of England in the canton

Royal standards

Flag Date Use Description
1406 - 1603 Royal Standard of England, used first by King Henry IV The Coat of Arms of England quartered with the Royal Standard of France, the Fleur-de-lis representing the English claim to the French throne.


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