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Engineering School Leonard de Vinci

The Engineering School Leonard de Vinci (ESILV) is a five-year engineering school in Paris, France, ranked 12th at the 2007 Le Point Classification. It is a fully accredited school to deliver the title of "ingénieur" by the French Commission of Engineering Titles and it is one of France's top school. ESILV is part of the Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci. The school is led by Professor Michel Bernadou.


The ESILV mission is to train professionals in mastering the use of new technologies – particularly the IT tools in advanced applications of design, production, computer communication, and management. The ESILV meets the great challenges of the contemporary world: the evolution of businesses, the globalization and the creation of new professions.


The ESILV is composed of four departments:

  • Scientific computation
  • Computer science
  • Financial engineering and mathematics
  • Computational mechanics

The majors offered apply in the area of modeling and numerical simulation, computer networks and databases, new information technologies, computational mechanics, and financial engineering.


Students enter after high school graduation (e.g. French Baccalauréat). Application is made during the senior year through Grandes Ecoles Postbac Students may also enter after the Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Écoles and spend three years in the school or after a Licence and spend two years in the school


Daniel GABAY director of the financial options research centre CNRS-EHESS,(graduated from Ecole Polytechnique X66), PhD Stanford University (1973), phd "Etat des Sciences Mathématiques" (1979)

Georges DUVAUT graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure (ULM), Docteur des Sciences Michel BERNADOU, (phd Mathématics Univ. Paris VI)

Amaury DARSCH (phd computer science Université de Rennes, engineer ESEO-Angers).


Located in the heart of the Parisian business quarter, La Defense, the ESILV is in partnership with several industrial and research institutes.

In today's global economy there is an increasing need for multi-disciplinary engineers who can work cooperatively with their counterparts in overseas organizations. The Engineering School Leonard de Vinci works in partnership with numerous industries, many of which provide potential professional links for its students.

Exchange programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels further expand the educational horizons of the school. Its teaching philosophy is "learn by doing". ESILV emphasizes the applications of mathematics and computer science that are used in technology and in industry.

There are a wide variety of classes taught at the Engineering School Leonard de Vinci: mathematics, scientific computation, computer science, mechanical engineering and financial engineering to name a few. In addition, students take classes at the partnering management school EMLV in areas such as marketing and management. For further real-world experience, their curriculum includes two six-month internships with industrial partners.

Since the graduation of the first senior class in July 2000, all of the alumni of the ESILV have successfully joined the work force and were hired as:

  • Computational Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Trader Engineer
  • Risk Management Engineer
  • Security and Exchange Manager
  • Quantitative Finance Analytics

Thanks to a tailored pedagogy along with the direct contact with today’s industries (projects, internships, numerous instructors coming from the business world), ESILV gives students the opportunity to build their own professional endeavors and profit from the direct contact with the companies of tomorrow.

The Engineering School Leonard de Vinci brings together tomorrow’s realms of research and teaching.


  • Director: Michel Bernadou
  • Director of the umbrella organization Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci: Michel Béra
  • Head of the Department of Scientific Computation: John Cagnol
  • Head of the Department of Computer Science: Amaury Darsch
  • Head of the Department of Financial Engineering: Daniel Gabay
  • Head of the Department of Computational Mechanics: Samir Ben Chaabane

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