ending disappointment


Never-Ending is a power metal album by German group Mystic Prophecy, released in October 2004. This is the last album of a trilogy and also the last to feature Gus G and Dennis Ekdahl.

Track listing

  1. "Burning Bridges" (Liapakis / Albrecht)
  2. "Time Will Tell" (Liapakis / Gus G.)
  3. "Under A Darkened Sun" (Liapakis / Albrecht)
  4. "Dust Of Evil" (Liapakis / Gus G. / Albrecht)
  5. "In Hell" (Liapakis / Gus G.)
  6. "Never Surrender" (Liapakis / Gus G.)
  7. "Wings Of Eternity" (Liapakis / Albrecht)
  8. "When I'm Falling" (Liapakis / Gus G.)
  9. "Warriors Of Lies" (Liapakis / Albrecht)
  10. "Dead Moon Rising" (Liapakis / Gus G.)
  11. "Never Ending" (Liapakis / Gus G. / Albrecht)


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