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Downtown Long Beach, Long Beach, California

Downtown Long Beach is the heart of Long Beach, California, and is the location for most of the city's major tourist attractions and municipal services. It is also the location for numerous businesses. There are many hotels and restaurants in the area that serve locals, tourists, and convention visitors.


The approximate boundaries of Downtown Long Beach are the Los Angeles River to the west, the Pacific Ocean to the south, Alamitos Avenue to the east, and 10th Street to the north.

This greater downtown area includes the neighborhoods of the East Village Arts District east of Long Beach Blvd and north of Ocean Blvd, West End to the west of Pacific Ave and north of Ocean. The area between Long Beach Blvd and Pacific Avenue constitutes the Downtown Core. The Shoreline district south of Ocean Blvd includes many attractions including the Pike, the convention center, Sports Arena, Marina and Shoreline Village.

Most of the commercial and restaurant activity is along Pine Avenue and Shoreline Drive; most of the municipal and governmental buildings are along West Ocean Boulevard and Broadway, and the residential towers are along Ocean Boulevard.

Tourist attractions and shopping


  • Certified Organic Farmers Market (Fridays)
  • Bob Marley Reggae Festival (February)
  • Congressional Cup (sailing races, April)
  • Long Beach Grand Prix (April)
  • Cajun & Zydeco Festival (May)
  • Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade & Festival (May)
  • Aloha Concert Jam (Hawaiian music, June)
  • Anime Expo or AX (SPJA) (Promotion of Japanese Animation & Culture June 29 to July 2)
  • Catalina Ski Race (July)
  • Queen Mary Scottish Festival - (February)

Municipal services

  • Long Beach City Hall
  • Long Beach Municipal Court
  • Long Beach Police Dept. Headquarters
  • Municipal Library



Long Beach Transit has a transit center in Downtown Long Beach. The southern terminus of the LACMTA Blue Line as well as the southern end of Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway) is also downtown. Greyhound Lines, Amtrak Thruway, Torrance Transit, LADOT, LACMTA and OCTA all have bus service to Downtown Long Beach.


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