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Encircle is a Global Foundation with a mission of reducing global poverty. It establishes social enterprise business models such as MVNOs that generates 100% of its profits for charity purposes in partership with global charities including the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the Heart Foundation. All surpluses are deployed to helping achieve the Millennium Development Goals and 10% of revenues are directed to our partner charities. Many 4care licensees are large corporates such as Rabobank that use the MVNO as the basis for CSR programs call4care is one of many 4care products supporting charities and is one of the List of United States mobile phone companies and in the US has access to GSM airtime from a number of providers.


Some of the charities that are involved in these programs include Red Cross, Amnesty International, Heart Foundation and Barretstown. Note that some of these charities are represented only by country specific chapters.


Encircle operates the only 100% not for profit MVNO brand in multiple markets and Call4care operates in the Netherlands, with trials ongoing in Ireland, France, HongKong, UK, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and US and provides services using a variety of GSM providers.

Industry Initiatives

It is worthwhile noting that last year, to support charitable operator initiatives like call4care, a request was submitted for an Easily Recognisable Code for Charitable use to the Industry Numbering Committee (part of ATIS ,), (discussed at INC 92 ).

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