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Gai-Luron is a French comics series featuring an eponymous character, created on July 12, 1964 by Gotlib. Originally published in the comics magazine Vaillant, the character joined Nanar, Jujube et Piette, which Gotlib had drawn since 1962, but eventually headlined a hit series of its own. The album collection series began were released from 1975, and the second album, Gai-Luron en écrase méchamment was awarded the prize for French comical work at the Angoulême in 1976.


It follows the anthropomorphic dog Gai-Luron (whose name can be roughly translated as "Jolly Fellow", which contrasts with Gai-Luron's generally apathetic behaviour), his girlfriend Belle-Lurette and his friend Jujube the fox.

The plot sometimes involves Gai-Luron and Jujube reading their fan mail, which is almost always written by the same reader, a little boy named Jean-Pierre Liégeois, or else a friend or relative of his.


Gai-Luron's adventures were published in 10 volumes between 1975 and 1982, and a last one, La bataille navale...ou Gai-Luron en slip, was published as Gotlib's goodbye to the comic strip scene in 1986.

  • Gai-Luron, collection Les Rois du rire n°10 (1969, Éditions Vaillant)
  • 1 : Gai-Luron ou la joie de vivre (1975, Audie)
  • 2 : Gai-Luron en écrase méchamment (1975, Audie)
  • 3 : Gai-Luron rit de se voir beau en ce miroir (1976, Audie)
  • 4 : Gai-Luron et Jean-Pierre Liegeois (1976, Audie)
  • 5 : Gai-Luron fait rien qu'à copier (1977, Audie)
  • 6 : Gai-Luron ce héros au sourire si doux (1978, Audie)
  • 7 : Gai-Luron s'en tire par une pirouette (1979, Audie)
  • 8 : Gai-Luron drague comme une bête (1980, Audie)
  • 9 : Gai-Luron n'engendre pas la mélancolie ! (1981, Audie)
  • 10 : Gai-Luron tire une tronshe pas possible (1982, Audie)
  • La bataille navale ou Gai-Luron en slip (1986, Audie)


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