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Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers, Australia

The Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA) is an Australian employee association registered under state and federal industrial relations acts. This makes it, effectively, a trade union for the purposes of worker-employer bargaining; APESMA is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). APESMA acts to service member needs, primarily in terms of salary and industrial advice. This places APESMA within the services model of trade unionism.

APESMA has approximately 25,000 members from the following professions: engineers, scientists, managers, architects, IT professionals, pharmacists, veterinarians, surveyors and collieries staff, with an additional 15,000 student members. APESMA is an example of a union that is organised along occupational lines. For this reason its coverage areas overlap substantially with industry unions which now represent the majority of union members in Australia.

APESMA was created by a process of mergers of white collar, professional and management employee associations over a long period of years, however it has grown rapidly in the recent past. APESMA celebrated its 60th anniversary of foundation in 2006. APESMA began as The Association of Professional Engineers, Australia which formed in 1946 and registered as an industrial association in 1948. APESMA has recently grown by merging with the following organisations:

  • 1991 : The Association of Professional Scientists, Australia
  • 1991 : The Local Government Engineers Association of New South Wales
  • 1994 : Senior Managers (Telstra & Australia Post) Association
  • 1994 : ABC Senior Executives Association
  • 1995 : Association of Architects of Australia
  • 1997 : Salaried Pharmacists Association
  • 1997 : Association of Railway Professional Officers of Australia
  • 2001 : Australian Collieries' Staff Association
  • 2004 : Managers & Professionals Association
  • 2006 : Professional Officers Association of Victoria (POAV) (formed as POA in 1917)

APESMA's bi-monthly published journal to members is the Professional Network

APESMA Owned Companies

APESMA owns several companies that help finance the union's operations which in 2006 were placed under a CEO independent of the union CEO. The APESMA National Assembly elects the independent directors to the boards of the companies.

  • Chifley Business School is one of Australia's innovators in management distance organisation for technology professionals.
  • ETM Search and Selection is an employment agency for technology professionals with experience in the Australian local government, road, rail and power sectors.
  • Member Advantage packages discount services such as discount loans, healthcare, accommodation, travel for membership organisations.

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