Elwood Haynes

Elwood Haynes

Elwood Haynes (1857 - 1925) was an American inventor, metallurgist, and automotive pioneer.

He built his first car in Kokomo, Indiana, using (like many other pioneers) bicycle wheels. On July 4 1894, it made a successful trial trip at a speed of about 7 mph. That car was given to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in 1910. As Haynes started to build that first car he went to a local blacksmith to help him. The blacksmith agreed to help with that first car. In 1894, Haynes joined with brothers Elmer and Edgar Apperson to build one of the earliest automobiles in the United States. His automobile company produced vehicles until the 1920s.

Haynes received patents on two alloys: stainless steel and stellite. He founded the Haynes Stellite Company in 1912 Kokomo which was bought by Union Carbide in 1920. After a series of various owners and now called Haynes International, it is again an independent company.

Haynes was an avid supporter of prohibition. In 1916, he ran for the US Senate on the prohibition ticket.


Haynes is the namesake for a World War II Liberty Ship, SS Elwood Haynes.


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