Elvira's Haunted Hills

Elvira's Haunted Hills is a 2002 film directed by Sam Irvin. The movie made its premiere at the International Rocky Horror Fan Convention on June 23, 2001.


The setting is Carpathia. The year is 1851. When Elvira and her maidservant Ziou Ziou (Mary Jo Smith) gets kicked out of an inn for a slight monetary discrepancy, she is rescued by a local who takes her to stay at the castle in the hills high above the village. The fact that she happens to resemble the count's (Richard O'Brien) former "missing" wife opens a can of worms or two.



The film fondly parodies most of the Roger Corman-directed Edgar Allan Poe films and the British horror films from Hammer Studios. Mention of this is made on the featurette contained within the DVD of the film.

The part of Elura is credited as "????", dedicated to Vincent Price.

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