[ih-lek-truh-stahl; Russ. ih-lyik-truh-stahl]

Elektrostal (Электроста́ль), known as Zatishye (Зати́шье) until 1938, is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 km east of Moscow. Population: 146,294 (2002 Census); 135,000 (1977); 123,000 (1970); 97,000 (1959); 43,000 (1939).


Elektrostal is a center of metallurgy and building of heavy machinery. Main companies include:

  • Elektrostal metallurgical factory
  • Elektrostal chemical-mechanical factory
  • Elektrostal Heavy Machine Building Plant, JSC--designs and manufactures equipment for production of steel seamless hot-rolled, welded, and cold-rolled tubes; bar; ball, ring and other bearings; oil film bearings; hot and cold blast valves; rolls of hot and cold rolling and other metallurgical equipment
  • Machine Building Plant (MSZ), also known as Elemash, Russia's largest producer of fuel rod assemblies for nuclear power plants, which are exported to many countries in Europe.
  • Elektrostal is the terminal of the 1150kV-powerline from GRES-2 Power Station in Ekibastuz.

However this powerline is operated in the section Kokshetau — Elektrostal with 400 kV and not with 1150 kV.


The 9th radio centre of Moscow in Elektrostal is home to a high power medium wave transmitter.

The first S-400 Triumf surface-to-air missile defence system was deployed at Elektrostal, becoming fully operational from 1.7.2007.


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