Electrocutioner is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. He first appeared in Detective Comics #644, (May 1992), and was created by Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna.

Fictional character history

Unnamed Buchinsky

Lester Buchinsky's unnamed brother was the first Electrocutioner. Lester would take over the identity later.


The second Electrocutioner used a costume rigged to generate a lethal electrical shock against criminals (including Cannon and Saber), and ran afoul of Batman, who disapproved his extreme justice. He was later killed by Vigilante (Adrian Chase).

Lester Buchinsky

Initially working in the cause of justice just like the first Electrocutioner, Lester Buchinsky became a criminal and mercenary. Overly reliant on his ability to generate electricity, the Electrocutioner has faced (and been defeated by) Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. In at least one scheme, working with the Cluemaster to steal an armored car full of money, Spoiler works to oppose him. Ironically, Spoiler would prove to be Cluemaster's daughter. The stupidity of Lester's second partner, a hulking brute with delusions of intelligence, would also hamper their plans. For a time, Lester was frequently seen in the employ of Blüdhaven crime boss Blockbuster.

In Infinite Crisis, Lester became a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

During the 34th week of the series 52, Electrocutioner appear as part of a Suicide Squad operation against Black Adam.

Powers and abilities

The Electrocutioner’s costume possesses circuitry that allows him at will to either stun or kill his victims with a bolt of electricity.

Other Media


In Justice League Unlimited, Electrocutioner was seen at Roulette's Meta-Brawl fighting Bloodsport in a match. He was later seen as a member of the Secret Society.

Video Games

In the loosely-movie-based Batman game for the Nintendo, Electrocutioner was the boss of stage 3. He had an electric sword-arm that was used to fling arcing high-voltage projectiles. Along with Killer Moth and Firebug, he was a supervillain working for the Joker.

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