Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy

Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy (BEST), also known as micro current electro therapy (MET), is a very specific form of electro therapy that delivers extremely small amounts of current to the body (less than one milliAmpere, 100 times less than a typical TENS machine). BEST mimics what happens within human cells by working to enhance the physiological processes. A study coordinated by Prof. Bert Op 'Eijnde, from the University of College in Hasselt, Belgium, shows that BEST has a positive and statistically significant effect in improving endurance and reducing fatigue and chronic pain BEST works at a cellular level to boost energy and restore homeostasis. Documented effects include:

  • an increase in ATP
    • Independent studies show that BEST can increase ATP production by up to 500%
  • enhanced transmembrane transport, which include:
    • amino acids (building blocks of all proteins)
    • proline (important in connective tissue repair)
  • Stimulation of fibroblasts
    • These cells orchestrate tissue healing and regeneration

BEST in post-polio syndrome: The BESTIPP Study

The BESTPP Study was coordinated by Prof. Bert Op 'Eijnde, directed by Dr.Sally Sennitt, MD and sponsored by Kingfisher Healthcare, a European healthcare company. Twenty-five patients were recruited from four different countries and were tested in three main endpoints: fatigue, endurance and pain.


BEST had statistically significant positive effects on all three endpoints. The average score for the whole group showed:

  • Fatigue: 34% reduction (p <0.0001)
  • Endurance: 40% improvement (p <0.0001)
  • Pain: 34% reduction (p <0.0001)

In addition, these clinical benefits were maintained during the extension phase of the study.


8 out of 10 patients had a positive response

  • 50% had a major response (> 30% improvement, ranging from 32% to 74%)
  • 36% had a minor response (10-30% improvement)
  • 14% showed no change


4 out of 5 patients benefited

  • 53% had a major response (> 40% improvement, ranging from 41% to 88%)
  • 26% had a minor response (10-40% improvement)
  • 21% showed no change

Pain Relief

7 of 10 subjects had improvement in pain

  • 50% had a major response (>30% improvement; ranging from 34% to 93%)
  • 22% had a minor response (10-30% improvement)
  • 28% showed no change


Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy is a promising new tool for improving the quality of life for Post-polio patients. There are no known side effects and no known interactions with medicine.

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