electric storm

An Electric Storm

An Electric Storm is the debut album by electronic music group White Noise.

White Noise had recorded the first two tracks with the intention of producing a single, but were then persuaded by Chris Blackwell of Island Records to create an entire album. At this point the group set up the Kaleidophon Studio in a flat in Camden Town, London, and spent a year creating the next four tracks. The last track was thrown together in one day when Island demanded the completion of the album.

Track listing

  1. "Love Without Sound" – 2:57 (Derbyshire/Vorhaus)
  2. "My Game Of Loving" – 3:38 (Duncan/Vorhaus)
  3. "Here Come The Fleas" – 2:31 (McDonald/Vorhaus)
  4. "Firebird" – 2:43 (Derbyshire/Vorhaus)
  5. "Your Hidden Dreams" – 4:25 (McDonald/Vorhaus)
  6. "The Visitations" – 11:45 (McDonald/Vorhaus)
  7. "The Black Mass: An Electric Storm In Hell" – 7:04 (White Noise)


David Vorhaus - Production co-ordinator
Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson - Electronic sound realisation
Paul Lytton - Percussion
John Whitman, Annie Bird, Val Shaw - Vocals


  • 30th November 1968 - LP, Island Records (often stated as 1969)
  • 27th March 1995 - CD, "3D Island" label, Island Records, 3DCID 1001; deleted 1996
  • 9th July 2007 - CD re-released, Island Remasters


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