elect the

Committee to Re-elect the President

The Committee to Re-elect the President, often abbreviated to CRP or CREEP (an acronym used derisively by critics of the Nixon administration), was a Nixon White House fundraising organization. This organization was found to have employed money laundering and slush funds, and was involved in the Watergate Scandal.

CRP funds, a sum of $500,000 U.S. dollars, were used to pay legal expenses for the five Watergate burglars after their indictment in September 1972. The link of the break-in back to the White House and the President's campaign fundraising committee turned the burglary into an explosive political scandal. The burglars, as well as G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt, and John Mitchell, went to prison over the break-in and their efforts to cover it up, along with other members of the Nixon Administration. One illegal action that CRP committed was breaking into the office of the psychiatrist of Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg in an attempt to find material to discredit Ellsberg. The leak of the Pentagon Papers, military records about the Vietnam War, helped sway American sentiment towards opposing the war.

Prominent CRP Members


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