Map of What Is Effortless

Map of What is Effortless is the second full-length album by American Electronica band Telefon Tel Aviv, released on Hefty! Records.

Track listing

  1. "When It Happens It Moves All By Itself"
  2. "I Lied"
  3. "My Week Beats Your Year"
  4. "Bubble And Spike"
  5. "Map Of What Is Effortless"
  6. "Nothing Is Worth Losing That"
  7. "What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It"
  8. "What It Is Will Never Again"
  9. "At The Edge Of The World You Will Still Float"
  10. "Jouzu Desu Ne [Japanese Bonus Track]"
  11. "Sound In A Dark Room [Japanese Bonus Track]"



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