Educate~ is The Journal of Doctoral Research in Education, published by the Doctoral School at the Institute of Education, University of London. Educate~ was first published in 2001 in paper form as "Educate~ The London Journal of Doctoral Research in Education", but in June 2006 moved exclusively online and removed "London" from its title. The removal of 'London' was a reflection of the decision to allow postgraduate researchers in other institutions to submit, review and edit the journal. For example, the online launch issue contains abstracts from a recent conference held at Cambridge University. Going online has also enabled the journal to provide audiovisual material as part of this academic journal, such as the online launch editorial which is spoken by the Institute of Education's Director, Professor Geoff Whitty.

Educate~ provides opportunities for the dissemination of the work of current postgraduate researchers at any stage of their research, and recent doctoral graduates, on any aspect of education or related areas; opportunities for the dissemination of “work in progress” to the academic community and a resource for professionals involved in educational enquiry and research.

Educate~ articles are peer reviewed by both an established academic and a current postgraduate researcher. Articles are further reviewed by the editorial board as a whole.

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