EDIFICE is the European B2B interest group that represents the majority of the European Electronics Industry including companies with interests in computing, electronics, and telecommunications.

EDIFICE is a non-profit organization which drives and enables global standardized B2B adoption in Europe. It provides a forum for education in B2B processes and technologies and enables members to avail themselves of the knowledge and experiences of other member companies. EDIFICE provides an opportunity to contribute to the direction and evolution of B2B standards and processes that will benefit the industry.


The objectives of EDIFICE are:

1. To support, influence and promote the development, implementation and use of international standards and related implementation guidelines for B2B. 2. To design, develop and maintain a framework for B2B.

3. To maintain relationships with other communities and be receptive to cross-industry collaboration, aiming at the implementation of B2B.

4. To ensure business management buy-in for B2B.

5. To act as a B2B competence center for the industry, setting direction, creating awareness and providing learning opportunities on B2B concepts.

6. To share B2B experiences on the implementation of standards.

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