e*ECAD, Inc. was a software portal company located in Santa Clara, California. It offered a variety of EDA software for creating integrated circuit design tool flows. Its purchase and delivery system provided alternative solutions to traditional software licensing models. The tools were delivered via the Internet onto the user's workstation to permit local and unrestricted use of EDA tools not unlike tool use under traditional licensing schemes.


The E*ECAD system used to offer the following licensing models.

  • Pay-Per-Hour or Pay-Per-Run, depending on the type of the tool. In the Pay-Per-Hour model, the time granularity is actually in fractions of seconds.
  • EDA Buffet (monthly rental).

As of the end of 2005, E*ECAD limited its offers to

  • Pay per day
  • Pay per month

Licensing was controlled via Internet connection to e*ECAD.

Tools and vendors

Tools were provided by independent vendors, partners of e*ECAD, and included process and device modeling and simulation, SPICE circuit simulation, schematic entry, parasitics extraction, IC layout editing, physical layout verification, circuit verification, timing analysis, and others.

The number of partners peaked at 16 in 2004. As of the end of 2005, there are only two tool providers: Silvaco and SIMUCAD.

As of mid-2007 the e*ECAD website appeared to be only partially functional, and the home page indicates the site to be down temporarily.

Board of directors

  • Ivan Pesic, Chairman and CEO
  • Christopher J. Nicklaw, Director since September 2002

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