Eban, Abba, 1915-2002, Israeli statesman, b. Cape Town, South Africa. He was educated at Cambridge, where upon graduation he became (1938) a lecturer in Middle Eastern language and literature. During World War II he rose to the rank of major in the British army. In the years preceding Israel's independence, Eban was chief instructor (1944-46) at the Middle Eastern Center for Arab Studies in Jerusalem and worked at the Jewish Agency for Palestine before commencing (1947) his diplomatic career as liaison officer to the UN Special Committee on Palestine. A superb orator and witty debater, he became (1948) Israel's UN representative and served concurrently as ambassador to the United States from 1950 until his election to the Knesset (Israeli parliament) in 1959. A member of the Labor party, he held various cabinet positions before becoming foreign minister in 1966-74. In that office he strove for closer ties with the United States and Western Europe. Among his books are Personal Witness (1992), a memoir, and Diplomacy for the Next Century (1998).
Andrej Šeban, born in Bratislava on June 26, 1962, is a well-known Slovak jazz fusion guitarist.

As a child, Andrej took piano lessons from la Polakova. In 1977 he had classical guitar lessons from Pavel Malovec, which helped him to become a member of the pop band Nervy the same year. He also studied music with professor Boris Thurzo. Andrej was in the jazz rock band Miting during 1978 and 1979. From 1980 to 1983 he was member of the band Demikát, and from there until 1986 he was musicology department faculty at Comenius University. In 1986 Andrej wrote the score for the film Salty Candies.

From the University, Andrej became a member of the Army Artistic Ensemble, where he met Richard Müller and became co-leader of the pop band Banket until 1990. He was also in Peter Lipa's Combo until 1989. From then until 1993, Andrej played with the fusion band Tutu. With the ASH Band Andrej toured England in 1993. From 1992 to 1995 he was with the band Provisorium, also.

Back with Peter Lipa, in 1996 Andrej and Peter formed the Lipa-Seban Band which toured England, Portugal and Switzerland.


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