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Eat You Alive

"Eat You Alive" is a song by the band Limp Bizkit from their fourth studio album Results May Vary. It's released as the band's first single from the album.

The version of 'Just Drop Dead' on this single is slightly different from the one Fred Durst leaked onto the internet in retaliation to Britney Spears. The bassline is much clearer, and is increased in volume, and an echo has been added to the chorus, among other small changes.

The music video for 'Eat You Alive' features Thora Birch, as well as Bill Paxton.

Track listing

  1. "Eat You Alive" (album version) - 4:12
  2. "Shot" (album version) - 3:47
  3. "Just Drop Dead" (album version) - 4:06
  4. "Eat You Alive" (enhanced video)

Music Video

There are two versions for the music video: "Long Intro Version" and "No Intro Version". In the beginning of the Long Intro Version, Fred Durst is seen driving an old pick-up truck in a forest, believed to take place in a southern state. One of the band members arrives and informs Fred that they are getting ready to shoot their video. "Eat You Alive" is seen in giant letters on the screen. Durst is then seen through the eyes of Thora Birch, a young woman who is believed to have been kidnapped by Durst and his crew. Durst says "You're gonna love this" and the music begins. The camera switches between two scenes; from the band playing, to a group of people led by Bill Paxton, who is presumably the girl's father, scouring the woods with flashlights and dogs. There are points in the song where the music changes from loud, to a softer-voiced Durst singing the lyrics "I'm Sorry/So Sorry/Your Beauty/Is So Vain...It Drives Me/Yes, It Drives Me/Absolutley/Insane" Before becoming loud again. The woman becomes increasingly attracted to him as he sings a small ballad to her. Fred's song is interrupted as the father's group nears the band's position. The band sees them coming and leave the woman behind. The video ends with the father finding her in the chair where the band was playing to her. He becomes enraged and runs off to find them, although they have already made their escape.

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