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Easy Come, Easy Go (film)

Easy Come, Easy Go is a 1967 musical film starring Elvis Presley.

Primary cast


An extended play record of the same title as the movie was recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, California in September 1966 and released in May 1967. It was the final release of new material by Presley in the EP format. The EP contains the six songs performed in the film. A seventh song, "She's a Machine", recorded but unused, later appeared on the compilation album Elvis Sings Flaming Star.

Presley was reportedly unhappy with the quality of the songs selected for the film. According to Roy Carr and Mick Farren's retrospective, Elvis: The Illustrated Record, Presley is alleged to have referred to the songs as "shit" during the recording session and the writers label this their choice for the worst record Presley ever recorded.

It is often reported that Presley recorded "Leave My Woman Alone" for the film, but only an instrumental backing was ever recorded; Presley never recorded a vocal for the song.

Recording musicians

Tracks (and songwriters)

Side 1:

  1. Easy Come Easy Go - (Sid Wayne & Ben Weisman)
  2. Love Machine - (Gerald Nelson, Fred Burch, Chuck Taylor)
  3. Yoga Is As Yoga Does - (Gerald Nelson & Fred Burch)

Side 2:

  1. You Gotta Stop - (Bill Grant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye)
  2. Sing You Children - (Gerald Nelson & Fred Burch)
  3. I'll Take Love - (Dolores Fuller & Mark Barker)

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