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Frank the Baptist

Frank the Baptist is an American gothic rock/death rock founded in San Diego, California by frontman Frank Vollmann.


Strobelight Records was founded to release their first album, Different Degrees of Empty, in 2003, and all of the band's following albums have been released by the record label. In 2004, the band toured Europe for the first time to support their second album, Beggars Would Ride. The band headlined the Wave Gotik Treffen music festival in May 2005. Frank Vollmann relocated to Berlin in 2006, joining long-time comrades Fez Wrecker (Bonniwell Music Machine, Fuzztones) and Benn Ra (Hatesex, ex-Diva Destruction), both of whom had coincidentally played in early incarnations of Frank the Baptist in San Diego in 1997-1998. East Berliner Phantomas joined on drums, and the new line-up debuted at The Villa in Leipzig on Friday 13, 2006.

In November 2006, the band went into Studio Wong in Berlin-Kreuzberg and recorded the band's latest album, The New Colossus.

The band maintains a headquarters of sorts at a bar run by Frank and Fez, called "The Speakeasy Berlin."

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