Earth sign

Earth sign

In traditional Western astrology an earth sign is considered to be one of the earth triplicity, which is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


Earth signs are traditionally associated with stability, solidarity, and practicality. According to astrological theory, they are realistic, cautious, hard-working, and dependable people with the ability to rise steadily to positions of power and control. However, at their worst, they are said to be highly materialistic, limited in outlook, and inhibited. They are seen as negative, introverted, and not very sociable, owing to their focus on their own work and goals that tend to move them away from an active social life with others.

On a more positive note, earth signs are the most down-to-earth and reasonable out of all of the signs. They are not easily upset, and are good at using emotional self-control. They are calm, cool and sane- which at times can make them very likeable among others. Astrologers say if the person's moon or ascendant is in a fire or air sign, earth signs will produce a very well-liked personality that adds an easygoing and sociable charm to the down-to-earth and calm quality of the earth sign. In judgement of friends, earth signs are said to be generally reserved and cautious yet fairly passionate, always committed to friends and partners. It is said earth signs tend to be most satisfied when they have accumulated material possessions rather than knowledge (air signs), personal security (water signs), or power (fire signs).

Chief fault is fraud. Earth is not normally prone to physical violence but, as in any given situation, there will be exceptions. Earth is mildly vengeful, liable to hold a grudge and tends to have a "my time will come" attitude. In general, revenge is apt to be by way of a "hit" in the pocketbook of the offender. When angered, Earth is quick to express such in a verbal fashion with physical violence being used only as a last resort.

Relations with other element signs

Earth signs are said to be attracted to water signs because the two share qualities of acquisitiveness, retentiveness, and self-protectiveness. The earth signs feel that the water signs will nourish them, whilst water signs feel that the earth signs offer them the emotional security they desperately want. Whilst water is considered compatible with earth, water signs do not share much of the earth signs' practicality and the earth signs often view water signs' idealism as quite unrealistic, sometimes even fanciful. Earth signs find air signs fascinating because they can be attracted by their strange thoughts and share their intellectual tendencies. However, earth signs believe air signs to be "up in the clouds" and trying to put forward ideas that never will work in practice. Moreover, the severe detachment and insensitivity of the air signs are qualities the earth signs will eventually find tiresome and offensive. They will be drawn to fire signs for their passion, fun loving nature and tendency of getting things done, but may view fire signs as too careless and forceful. Earth and Fire signs characteristics can allow them to together reach material succses and make a strong and passionate relationship.

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