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A Dweller on Two Planets

A Dweller on Two Planets or The Dividing of the Way is a book by Frederick S. Oliver, who was born in 1866. The book was finished in 1886 and in 1894 the manuscript was typewritten and copyrighted and again in 1899, owing to an addition. It was not published until 1905, six years after Oliver's death.

The book is presented by Oliver as a factual account of the author's past (Phylos' past) yet is considered fantasy by some. Concerning itself with Atlantis, it portrays a first person account of Atlantean culture which had reached a high level of technological and scientific advancement and describes the social, economic, political and religious structures of Atlantean society. Daily life at the time included such things as antigravity aircraft, television, wireless telephony, air conditioning and trams. The book also deals with deep esoteric subjects including karma and re-incarnation and describes his final incarnation in 19th century America where his Atlantean karma played itself out. In that final incarnation (as Walter Pierson--- miner and occult student of the Christic Adepts) he travelled to Venus/Hysperia in a subtle body while his physical body remained at the temple at Mt Shasta. While with the Hesperian adepts on Venus, he describes many wonders including artworks which depict 3d scenes that appear alive. He saw the demonstration of a voice-operated typewriter and various other extra-ordinary demonstrations. In his account of life on Atlantis and North America, Phylos describes both lifetimes in familiar and initiatic terms which reveal equally their triumphs and failures, and exposes the causes and effects of karma from one lifetime to the next.

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In its introduction, Oliver claims that the book had been channeled through him, via automatic writing, by a spirit calling itself Phylos the Thibetan who revealed the story to him over a period of three years, beginning in 1883.


The book has been influential on ideas concerning Atlantis, Lemuria and Mount Shasta. In the 2002 introduction. John B. Hare says that it "is openly acknowledged as source material for many new age belief systems, including the once-popular "I AM" movement, the Lemurian Fellowship, and Elizabeth Claire Prophet."

In 1940, the Lemurian Fellowship published a "sequel" with the title An Earth Dweller's Return.

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