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Joseph: King of Dreams

Joseph: King of Dreams is a DreamWorks direct-to-video animated film based on the story of Joseph in chapters 37-50 of the book of Genesis in the Bible.


The movie tells the story of the next to youngest of twelve sons, a boy with an extraordinary gift of seeing visions of the future while sleeping. Joseph is the favorite of his father, Jacob, inciting his brothers' jealousy and hatred.

When Joseph receives a beautiful coat from his parents, his brothers hate him even more and are driven to sell him to desert merchants who take him to Egypt. There he is made the servant of a wealthy Egyptian who misunderstands him and has him thrown into prison. He shows his gift by interpreting the dreams of two other prisoners. Eventually, the Pharaoh begins to be plagued by dreams and sends for Joseph, who interprets them and saves Egypt in the process.

He is made second in command to Pharaoh, and has most of Egypt's grain stored. Eventually his brothers arrive in Egypt to buy food because of famine, and he must forgive them. We then see that the dreams that had angered his brothers were prophecies that had come from God. Joseph: King of Dreams is directed by Rob LaDuca and by Robert C. Ramirez. It is a prequel of sorts, to The Prince of Egypt, also by DreamWorks. Jeffrey Katzenberg is executive producer, as he was for The Prince of Egypt.

Main cast

Awards for Joseph: King of Dreams (2000)

  • 2001: Nominated for Silver Angel for Feature Film
  • 2001: Nominated for Annie Award - Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Home Video Production
  • DVD Exclusive Awards 2001 - Awards Won
    • Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Video Premiere: Penney Finkelman Cox (executive producer), Steve Hickner (executive producer), Jeffrey Katzenberg (executive producer), Ken Tsumura (producer)
    • Best Screenplay: Eugenia Bostwick-Singer, Marshall Goldberg, Raymond Singer, Joe Stillman
  • DVD Exclusive Awards 2001 - Awards Nominated
    • Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Character Performance: Ben Affleck (voice), Luc Chamberland (animation director: Joseph)
    • Best Directing: Rob LaDuca and Robert C. Ramirez
    • Best Original Score: Daniel Pelfrey


Produced and arranged by Danny Pelfrey

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