Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships

The Eastern Sectional Figure Skating Championships is an annual figure skating competition organized by U.S. Figure Skating which has been held since 1938.

Skaters compete in three levels: Senior, Junior, and Novice. Medals are awarded in four disciplines: Ladies singles, Men's singles, Pairs, and Ice dance. Medals are given out in four colors: gold (first), silver (second), bronze (third), and pewter (fourth). Skaters who place in the top four at the Eastern Sectional advance to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

The 2008 Eastern Sectionals were held from November 14-November 17, 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the 2009 Sectionals are being held in Boston, Massachusetts

The notable names to have competed at Easterns over the years include Olympic gold medalists Dick Button, Tenley Albright, Carol Heiss, Dorothy Hamill, and Scott Hamilton.

Senior Medalists


Men's Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze Pewter
1938 Lake Placid, NY Roger Turner Wilfred MacDonald Otto Dallmayer
1939 New York, NY Arthur Vaughn, Jr. Edward Berkson no other competitors
1940-1941 no competition held
1942 New York, NY Arthur Vaughn, Jr. Edward LeMaire no other competitors
1943 New Haven, CT Edward LeMaire Arthur Vaughn, Jr.
1944 no competition held
1945 Boston, MA Richard Button
1946 Baltimore, MD Richard Button
1947 Ardmore, PA Wilhelm Junker
1948 Lake Placid, NY Carleton Hoffner
1949 Boston, MA Donald Jacoby
1950 Rye, NY Dudley Richards
1951 Troy, NY Dudley Richards
1952 Ardmore, PA William T. Lemmon
1953 Lake Placid, NY Noel Ledin
1954 Boston, MA Noel Ledin
1955 Princeton, NJ David Travers
1956 Rochester, NY Raymond Blommer
1957 Hershey, PA Bradley Lord
1958 Troy, NY Gregory Kelley
1959 Rye, NY Gregory Kelley
1960 Lake Placid, NY Frank Carroll
1961 West Orange, NJ Thomas Litz
1962 Lake Placid, NY Thomas Litz Scott Allen
1963 Ardmore, PA Richard Callaghan
1964 New Haven, CT Richard Callaghan
1965 Boston, MA Paul McGrath Bob Black John Dystal
1966 Hershey, PA W. Patrick Lalor
1967 Buffalo, NY W. Patrick Lalor
1968 South Weymouth, MA
1969 Wilmington, DE W. Patrick Lalor Gordon McKellen, Jr. James Stuart
1970 Philadelphia, PA W. Patrick Lalor James Stuart Gordon McKellen, Jr.
1971 Boston, MA Gordon McKellen, Jr.
1972 Hershey, PA Dean Hiltzik Mahlon Bradley
1973 Lake Placid, NY Stephen Savino
1974 Lexington, MA Scott Cramer
1975 Ardmore, PA Mahlon Bradley
1976 New York, NY Mahlon Bradley
1977 Boston, MA Mahlon Bradley
1978 Philadelphia, PA Mahlon Bradley
1979 Rochester, NY Allen Schramm
1980 Danvers, MA Scott Hamilton
1981 Wilmington, DE Scott Hamilton
1982 Morristown, NJ Scott Hamilton
1983 South Yarmouth, MA Bobby Beauchamp
1984 Philadelphia, PA Scott Hamilton
1985 Lake Placid, NY Bobby Beauchamp
1986 Boxborough, MA Paul Wylie
1987 Alexandria, VA Angelo D'Agostino
1988 Morristown, NJ Doug Mattis
1989 Darien, CT Steven Rice
1990 Mt. Lebanon, PA Mark Mitchell
1991 Geneseo, NY Michael Chack
1992 Bridgeport, CT Michael Chack
1993 Newark, DE Michael Chack
1994 West Orange, NJ Shepherd Clark Colin Vander Veen Paul Dulebohn Steven Smith
1995 Fitchburg, MA Michael Chack Jason Sylvia Michael Weiss Shepherd Clark
1996 Alexandria, VA Derrick Delmore Philip Dulebohn E. Stuart Golden Jason Sylvia
1997 Hicksville, NY Shepherd Clark Aren Nielsen Philip Dulebohn Derrick Delmore
1998 Simsbury, CT Shepherd Clark Jeff Merica Eric Bohnstedt Michael Edgren
1999 Oldsmar, FL Jeff Merica Jere Michael Scott Smith Dwayne Parker
2000 West Orange, NJ Shepherd Clark Jeff Merica Derrick Delmore Kurt Fromknecht
2001 Marlborough, MA Johnny Weir Kurt Fromknecht Joshua Figurido Scott Smith
2002 Pittsburgh, PA Michael Weiss Derrick Delmore Scott Smith Shepherd Clark
2003 Aston, PA Parker Pennington Shaun Rogers Shepherd Clark Kurt Fromknecht
2004 Lake Placid, NY Johnny Weir Matthew Lind Derrick Delmore Mauro Bruni
2005 Boxborough, MA Derrick Delmore Shaun Rogers Mauro Bruni Jason Wong
2006 Bethlehem, PA Scott Smith Shaun Rogers Derrick Delmore Tommy Steenberg
2007 Alpharetta, GA Derrick Delmore Jordan Miller Craig Ratterree Shaun Rogers
2008 Raleigh, NC Tommy Steenberg Parker Pennington Derrick Delmore Shaun Rogers


Ladies Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze Pewter
1938 Lake Placid, NY Katherine Durbrow Mary Bendix
1939 New York, NY Jane Vaughn Charlotte Walther Phebe Tucker
1940 Rye, NY Jane Vaughn Charlotte Walther Roberta Jenks Yvonne Sherman
1941 Rye, NY Charlotte Walther Roberta Jenks Phebe Tucker Dorothy Lee
1942 New York, NY Dorothy Goos Roberta Jenks Hildegarde Balmain Betsy Nichols
1943 New Haven, CT Mabel MacPherson Hildegarde Balmain Yvonne Sherman
1944 Lake Placid, NY Phebe Tucker Hildegarde Balmain Dorothy Glazier
1945 Boston, MA Phebe Tucker
1946 Baltimore, MD Barbara Jones
1947 Ardmore, PA Yvonne Sherman
1948 Lake Placid, NY Katheryn Ehlers
1949 Boston, MA Sonya Klopfer
1950 Rye, NY Tenley Albright
1951 Troy, NY Tenley Albright
1952 Ardmore, PA Carol Heiss
1953 Lake Placid, NY Sheila Muldowney
1954 Boston, MA Nancy Heiss
1955 Princeton, NJ Muriel Reich
1956 Rochester, NY Lynn Finnegan
1957 Hershey, PA Carol Wanek
1958 Troy, NY Laurence Owen
1959 Rye, NY Laurence Owen
1960 Lake Placid, NY Lorraine Hanlon
1961 West Orange, NJ Carol Noir
1962 Lake Placid, NY Albertina Noyes Joya Untermohlen Ronna Mae Goldblatt
1963 Ardmore, PA Albertina Noyes
1964 New Haven, CT Carol Noir
1965 Boston, MA Honey Kerr
1966 Hershey, PA Honey Kerr
1967 Buffalo, NY Honey Kerr
1968 South Weymouth, MA Wendy Jones
1969 Wilmington, DE Joanna Darakjy Wendy Jones Lise Gantz
1970 Philadelphia, PA Joanna Darakjy Suna Murray Louise Vacca Mary Gelderman
1971 Boston, MA Suna Murray Joanna Darakjy Dorothy Hamill
1972 Hershey, PA Dorothy Hamill
1973 Lake Placid, NY Elizabeth Freeman
1974 Lexington, MA Priscilla Hill
1975 Ardmore, PA Barbara Salomon
1976 New York, NY Priscilla Hill
1977 Boston, MA Priscilla Hill
1978 Philadelphia, PA Priscilla Hill Carol Hansen Aimee Kravette Simone Grigorescu
1979 Rochester, NY Priscilla Hill
1980 Danvers, MA Elaine Zayak
1981 Wilmington, DE Elaine Zayak
1982 Morristown, NJ Elaine Zayak
1983 South Yarmouth, MA Elaine Zayak
1984 Philadelphia, PA Elaine Zayak
1985 Lake Placid, NY Leslie Hamilton
1986 Boxborough, MA Tracey Damigella
1987 Alexandria, VA Lily Lee
1988 Morristown, NJ Julie Wasserman
1989 Darien, CT Nancy Kerrigan
1990 Mt. Lebanon, PA Nancy Kerrigan
1991 Geneseo, NY Nancy Kerrigan
1992 Bridgeport, CT Rosanna Tovi
1993 Newark, DE Karen Ann Gooley
1994 West Orange, NJ Teresa Aiello Elaine Zayak Amanda Farkas
1995 Fitchburg, MA Kyoko Ina Kathaleen Kelly Cutone Patricia Mansfield Lisa Bell
1996 Alexandria, VA Brittney McConn Alizah Allen Karen Ann Gooley Kathaleen Kelly Cutone
1997 Hicksville, NY Brittney McConn Kathaleen Kelly Cutone Alizah Allen Amy D'Entremont
1998 Simsbury, CT Morgan Rowe Alice Sue Claeys Christine Kong Stacey Pensgen
1999 Oldsmar, FL Stacey Pensgen Morgan Rowe Abbi Gleeson Alice Sue Claeys
2000 West Orange, NJ Stacey Pensgen Sara Wheat Stephanie Roth Elizabeth Kwon
2001 Marlborough, MA Elizabeth Kwon Sara Wheat Stephanie Roth Alicia Cavanaugh
2002 Pittsburgh, PA Patricia Mansfield Stacey Pensgen Sara Wheat Andrea Varraux
2003 Aston, PA Louann Donovan Jennifer Don Patricia Mansfield Krissa Miller
2004 Lake Placid, NY Suzanne McDonald Jane Bugaeva Louann Donovan Erica Archambault
2005 Boxborough, MA Jane Bugaeva Emily Hughes Katherine Hadford Megan Williams-Stewart
2006 Bethlehem, PA Stephanie Roth Jane Bugaeva Megan Williams-Stewart Michelle Boulos
2007 Alpharetta, GA Kylie Gleason Taylor Firth Michelle Boulos Megan Williams-Stewart
2008 Raleigh, NC Katrina Hacker Melissa Bulanhagui Megan Williams-Stewart Stephanie Roth


Pairs Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze Pewter
1938 Lake Placid, NY Grace Madden / J. Lester Madden Mrs. William Penn Gaskell Hall / William Penn Gaskell Hall
1939 New York, NY Eva Schwerdt Bruns / William Bruns, Jr. Mrs. Leo Polt / Leo Polt no other competitors
1940 Rye, NY Eva Schwerdt Bruns / William Bruns, Jr. Nettie Prantell / George Boltres Dorothy Glazier / Stephen Tanner Jean Matske / Robert Matzke
1941 Rye, NY Dorothy Glazier / Michael Driscoll Jean Matske / Robert Matske Mrs. Howard Wilkinson / Howard Wilkinson
1942 no competition held
1943 New Haven, CT
1944 Lake Placid, NY
1945 Boston, MA
1946 Baltimore, MD Yvonne Sherman / Robert Swenning
1947 Ardmore, PA Yvonne Sherman / Robert Swenning
1948 Lake Placid, NY Anne Davies / Carleton Hoffner
1949 Boston, MA Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner
1950 Rye, NY Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner
1951 Troy, NY Tenley Albright / Dudley Richards
1952 Ardmore, PA Carol Johns / Jack Jost
1953 Lake Placid, NY Norma McCullagh / Robert Goodfellow
1954 Boston, MA Anita Andres / Dudley Richards
1955 Princeton, NJ Mary Kay Keller / Richard Keller
1956 Rochester, NY Mary Kay Keller / Richard Keller
1957 Hershey, PA
1958 Troy, NY Maribel Owen / Dudley Richards
1959 Rye, NY Maribel Owen / Dudley Richards
1960 Lake Placid, NY Joan Heiser / Peter Betts
1961 West Orange, NJ Irma Staro / Richard Callaghan
1962 Lake Placid, NY Elizabeth George / Paul George
1963 Ardmore, PA
1964 New Haven, CT Dianne Boucas / Roger Collard
1965 Boston, MA Betty Lewis / Richard Gilbert
1966 Hershey, PA
1967 Buffalo, NY
1968 South Weymouth, MA
1969 Wilmington, DE
1970 Philadelphia, PA Kathy Normile / Gregory Taylor Ann Pasaric / Dan Pasaric
1971 Boston, MA Kathy Normile / Gregory Taylor Cathy Mishkin / Donald Bonacci
1972 Hershey, PA Gale Fuhrman / Joel Fuhrman
1973 Lake Placid, NY Gale Fuhrman / Joel Fuhrman
1974 Lexington, MA
1975 Ardmore, PA Alice Cook / William Fauver
1976 New York, NY Alice Cook / William Fauver
1977 Boston, MA Sheryl Franks / Michael Botticelli
1978 Philadelphia, PA Sheryl Franks / Michael Botticelli
1979 Rochester, NY Sheryl Franks / Michael Botticelli
1980 Danvers, MA Caitlin Carruthers / Peter Carruthers
1981 Wilmington, DE Caitlin Carruthers / Peter Carruthers
1982 Morristown, NJ Caitlin Carruthers / Peter Carruthers
1983 South Yarmouth, MA Caitlin Carruthers / Peter Carruthers
1984 Philadelphia, PA
1985 Lake Placid, NY Sandy Hurtubise / Craig Maurizi
1986 Boxborough, MA Maradith Feinberg / Craig Maurizi
1987 Alexandria, VA Gillian Wachsman / Todd Waggoner
1988 Morristown, NJ Calla Urbanski / Michael Blicharski
1989 Darien, CT Calla Urbanski / Mark Naylor
1990 Mt. Lebanon, PA Calla Urbanski / Mark Naylor
1991 Geneseo, NY Calla Urbanski / Rocky Marval
1992 Bridgeport, CT Karen Courtland / Todd Reynolds
1993 Newark, DE Karen Courtland / Todd Reynolds
1994 West Orange, NJ Calla Urbanski / Joe Mero Kyoko Ina / Jason Dungjen Robin Heckler / Jeffrey Tilley Natasha Kuchiki / Rocky Marval
1995 Fitchburg, MA Nicole Bateson-Rock / Keith Tindall Aimee Offner / Brad Cox Stephanie Woodman / Jeff Myers no other competitors
1996 Alexandria, VA Melanie Lambert / Fred Palascak Nicole Bateson-Rock / Keith Tindall Sara Ward / Lance Travis Jason Corley / Lauren Weldon
1997 Hicksville, NY Ingrid Goldberg / Jeffrey Tilley Melanie Lambert / Fred Palascak Tristen Vega / J. Paul Binnebose no other competitors
1998 Simsbury, CT Laura Handy / J. Paul Binnebose Tiffany Scott / Philip Dulebohn Sara Ward / Bert Cording Christie Moxley / Jeffrey Weiss
1999 Oldsmar, FL Tiffany Scott / Philip Dulebohn Tiffany Sfikas / Bert Cording no other competitors
2000 no competition held

2001 Marlborough, MA Laura Handy / Jonathon Hunt Stephanie Woodman / James Peterson Po Hayes / Richard Gillam no other competitors
2002 Pittsburgh, PA Kathryn Orscher / Garrett Lucash Marcy Hinzmann / Ronnie Biancosino no other competitors
2003 Aston, PA Jennifer Don / Jonathon Hunt Laura Handy / Jeremy Allen Amanda Evora / Mark Ladwig Stacey Pensgen / Derek Trent
2004 Lake Placid, NY Laura Handy / Jeremy Allen Emma Phibbs / Michael McPherson Colette Appel / Lee Harris no other competitors
2005 Boxborough, MA Amanda Evora / Mark Ladwig Colette Appel / Lee Harris Shantel Jordan / Jeremy Barrett Katie Beriau / Joseph Gazzola
2006 Bethlehem, PA Tiffany Scott / Rusty Fein Shantel Jordan / Jeremy Barrett Colette Appel / Lee Harris Chloe Katz / Joseph Lynch
2007 Alpharetta, GA Amanda Evora / Mark Ladwig Chloe Katz / Joseph Lynch Shantel Jordan / Steven Elefante no other competitors
2008 Raleigh, NC Kaela Pflumm / Christopher Pottenger Chloe Katz / Joseph Lynch no other competitors

Ice Dancing

Ice Dancing Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze Pewter
1947 Ardmore, PA Anne Davies / Carleton Hoffner, Jr.
1948 Lake Placid, NY Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner
1949 Boston, MA Lois Waring / Walter Bainbridge, Jr.
1950 Rye, NY Irene Maguire / Walter Muehlbronner
1951 Troy, NY Virginia Hoyns / Donald Jacoby
1952 Ardmore, PA Lois Waring / Michael McGean
1953 Lake Placid, NY
1954 Boston, MA
1955 Princeton, NJ Phyllis Forney / Martin Forney
1956 Rochester, NY
1957 Hershey, PA
1958 Troy, NY
1959 Rye, NY Andree Jacoby / Donald Jacoby
1960 Lake Placid, NY
1961 West Orange, NJ Patricia Dineen / Robert Dineen
1962 Lake Placid, NY
1963 Ardmore, PA Sally Schantz / Stanley Urban
1964 New Haven, CT
1965 Boston, MA Susan Urban / Stanley Urban
1966 Hershey, PA Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky
1967 Buffalo, NY Judy Schwomeyer / James Sladky
1968 South Weymouth, MA Anne Millier / Harvey Millier
1969 Wilmington, DE Anne Millier / Harvey Millier Dianne Tyler / Bruce Tyler Cheria Lynne / Donald Bachlott, Jr.
1970 Philadelphia, PA Anne Millier / Harvey Millier Diane Tyler / Bruce Tyler Candace Johnston / Bruce Bowland Paula Stolbach / Richard Stolbach
1971 Boston, MA Jane Pankey / Richard Horne
1972 Hershey, PA Jane Pankey / Richard Horne
1973 Lake Placid, NY Jane Pankey / Richard Horne
1974 Lexington, MA Judi Genovesi / Kent Weigle
1975 Ardmore, PA Judi Genovesi / Kent Weigle
1976 New York, NY Susan Kelley / Andrew Stroukoff
1977 Boston, MA Susan Kelley / Andrew Stroukoff
1978 Philadelphia, PA Stacey Smith / John Sumners
1979 Rochester, NY Stacey Smith / John Sumners
1980 Danvers, MA Stacey Smith / John Sumners
1981 Wilmington, DE Carol Fox / Richard Dalley
1982 Morristown, NJ Carol Fox / Richard Dalley
1983 South Yarmouth, MA Elisa Spitz / Scott Gregory
1984 Philadelphia, PA Carol Fox / Richard Dalley
1985 Lake Placid, NY Suzanne Semanick / Scott Gregory
1986 Boxborough, MA Suzanne Semanick / Scott Gregory
1987 Alexandria, VA Ann Hensel / James Yorke
1988 Morristown, NJ Renee Roca / James Yorke
1989 Darien, CT Suzanne Semanick / Ron Kravette
1990 Mt. Lebanon, PA Suzanne Semanick / Ron Kravette
1991 Geneseo, NY Elizabeth McLean / Ron Kravette
1992 Bridgeport, CT Amy Webster / Leif Erickson
1993 Newark, DE Susan Wynne / Russ Witherby
1994 West Orange, NJ Wendy Millette / Jason Tebo
1995 Fitchburg, MA Amy Webster / Ron Kravette Christina Fitzgerald / Mark Fitzgerald Laura Gayton / Oleg Fediukov no other competitors
1996 Alexandria, VA Amy Webster / Ron Kravette Laura Gayton / Oleg Fediukov
1997 Hicksville, NY Amy Webster / Ron Kravette Debbie Koegel / Oleg Fediukov
1998 Simsbury, CT Leslie Soderberg / David Lipowitz Julia Bikbova / John Lee Jayna Cronin / Yovanny Durango Rebecca DeWitt / Marc Fenczak
1999 Oldsmar, FL Christie Moxley / Tom Gaasbeck Debbie Koegel / Oleg Fediukov no other competitors
2000 West Orange, NJ Alison Newman / Dmitri Boundoukin Jamie Katz / Vasilij Serkov Elizabeth Curtiss / Vincent Van Vliet no other competitors
2001-2002 no competition held
2003 Aston, PA Emilie Nussear / Mathew Gates Loren Galler-Rabinowitz / David Mitchell Christie Moxley / Aleksandre Kirsanov Lydia Manon / Vitaliy Shalin
2004 no competition held
2005 Boxborough, MA Julia Rey / Philipp Rey Kate Slattery / C.G. Lee Lindsay Evans / Kevin O'Keefe Francesca Cheli / Alex Clark
2006 Bethlehem, PA Kimberly Navarro / Brent Bommentre Kate Slattery / C.G. Lee Elizabeth Palmer / Jonathan Toman no other competitors
2007 Alpharetta, GA Elizabeth Miosi / Dmitry Ponomarev Kate Slattery / C.G. Lee Isabel Elliman / Dmitriy Serebrenik no other competitors
2008 Raleigh, NC Clare Farrell / Charles Fishpaw Marsha Snyder / Peter Fischl no other competitors


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