dysplasia epiphysialis multiplex


Multiplex may mean:

Electrical Engineering

  • Multiplexer, or Multiplexor or Transmission Multiplexor or Transmission Multiplexer, an electronic device that combines multiple inputs
  • Multiplexing, combining many signals into a single transmission circuit or channel



Other usages (substitue / aka)

  • Concurrency (road), sometimes called a multiplex, a single physical road designated by two or more different highway numbers
  • Plywood, sometimes called multiplex, a covering material made by bonding layers of veneer with the grain of wood of each layer at a right angle to the next layer
  • Multiplex (juggling), a form of toss juggling with multiple balls thrown and/or caught at one time by the same hand
  • Multiplex (company), a large Australian based group of property and construction companies notable for its involvement in significant construction projects
  • Multiplex Modelsport, a manufacturer of radio control equipment and radio-controlled airplanes

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