Offa's Dyke

Earthwork in western England. It stretches 169 mi (270 km) from the River Severn near Chepstow to the seaward end of the River Dee's estuary. It was built by Offa of Mercia to fortify the boundary between his kingdom and the lands of the Welsh; for centuries it marked the England-Wales boundary. It consisted of a plain bank (in places some 60 ft [18 m] high) and a ditch (12 ft [3.7 m] deep). Many sections remain, and a walking path now runs its length.

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Dyke or Dike may refer to:


  • Dike (construction), either a long wall or bank built to keep out the sea or enclose or separate land, or the ditch from which the material was dug, or the combination of the two
  • Dike (geology), a long mass of minerals, usually an intrusion of igneous rocks, filling up rents or fissures in the original strata
  • Dyke (slang), a lesbian
  • Dikes, diagonal pliers, a hand tool used by electricians and others
  • Dyking out, a slang term for a uniform or dressing assistant at Virginia Military Institute and other military schools or colleges
  • Dike (mythology), the Greek goddess of moral justice, one of the three second generation Horae
  • 99 Dike, an asteroid
  • D-Yikes!, an episode of South Park






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