Hut (dwelling)

A hut is a small and crude shelter, usually used for dwelling. Its design favors local techniques and materials to allow for swift and inexpensive construction.

Modern use

Huts are used as temporary shelter by people. Huts are quickly built of natural materials such as ice, leather, fur, straw, palm leaves,branches and/or mud and exist in practically all nomadic cultures. Some huts are easily transportable.

Huts are used by shepherds during movement of livestock between seasonal grazing areas such as mountainous and lowland pastures (transhumance). Some displaced populations of people use huts throughout the world during a diaspora. For example; temporary collectors in the wilderness agricultural workers at plantations in the Amazon jungle. Huts have been built for purposes such as storage, workshops, and teaching.

The term has also been adopted by climbers and backpackers to refer to a more solid and permanent structure offerring refuge. These vary from simple bothies - which are little more than very basic shelters; to mountain huts which are far more luxurious and can even include facilities such as restaurants.


Marketing usage

Hut is used to name commercial stores, companies and concepts. This is in an effort to transmit the idea of a cozy place in a corner where you can get things, such as in Pizza Hut. Huts built in parks or public places are sometimes used to sell food and other wares.

See also

  • Bothy - simple shelter
  • Wilderness hut - rent-free, open dwelling place for temporary accommodation
  • Log cabin - small house built from logs
  • Vernacular architecture - traditional architecture in a particular area
  • Backcountry hut – huts that serve overnight hiking and trekking needs
  • Nissen hut – prefabricated steel structure made from a semi-circle of corrugated steel
  • Quonset hut – lightweight prefabricated structure of corrugated steel having a semicircular cross section

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