List of characters from the Evil Dead series

This is a list of characters who appeared in the Evil Dead series created by director Sam Raimi.

Ash Williams

Ashley J. Williams is the hero and iconic character of the entire series. Ash evolves over the course of the series from a dweebish college student to a wise cracking zombie slayer with his detachable hand chainsaw and 12 gauge "boomstick". Ash was portrayed in nearly every Evil Dead incarnation by cult actor Bruce Campbell, with the only exception being in the musical adaptation, in which he was played by Ryan Ward.

Linda (age 25)

Linda' is Ash's girlfriend throughout the series. She is very much in love with Ash and keeps a necklace he gave her close to her at all times. In the first film, she is stabbed with a pencil in her ankle by Evil Cheryl and is unable to be moved out of the cabin. After Scotty leaves Linda becomes possessed and taunts Ash until she is dragged outside of the cabin and returns to attack Ash. After a struggle, Ash buries her outside and places a crude cross at her grave only to have her burst from the ground and tear at his leg. Once entirely free from the grave she runs at Ash who swings his shovel and takes off her head. In the second film, Linda is shown in the re-cap of the first film at the beginning of this film. In this version she dies the same way (shovel to the head), however, she rises yet again. Once Ash returns to the cabin she escapes from her grave and dances headless outside the cabin. Ash watches stunned as her head rolls along the ground and up her body to rest on her neck, unmoving. Linda then reaches out to Ash and drops her head in his lap. She bites hard into Ash's hand and he can only remove her by crushing her head in a vise and roughly tearing his hand away. Ash is then attacked by the body of Linda who is now wielding a chainsaw, he manages to get the upper hand and Linda is killed once again; first her body, then her head. In the third film, Linda is shown in Ash's flashback as he is being dragged through the sand. Linda is attacked by the evil through a window in this version, much like Shelly was in the first film.

Linda is the only character to appear in all three film and be played by three different actresses. In the first film, she is played by Betsy Baker, in the second by Denise Bixler and in the third by Bridget Fonda.

Supporting Characters in The Evil Dead

Cheryl Williams (age 21)

Ash's sister and the odd woman out in the group. Typically she is the first to sense the danger surrounding the cabin and is entirely ignored by her friends. Even after returning to the cabin battered, bruised, and half naked her friends dismiss her and decide she must have been attacked by an animal. She is the first of the group to become possessed by the Evil and attacks Linda with a pencil. To prevent further injury to the others she is locked in the cellar where she eventually escapes and together with Evil Scotty attacks Ash. She meets the same fate as Scotty when the Book of the Dead is destroyed in the fireplace. She is never mentioned again in either of the two sequels, but was in the short Within the Woods only as Ash's girlfriend. She was portrayed by Ellen Sandweiss.

Scotty (age 27)

Good looking, cocky and a bit of a clown, if not for one unfortunate characteristic he would have been the ideal hero. Scotty holds his own fairly well until he is forced to kill his girlfriend Shelly who became possessed by the Evil. Soon after her demise he chooses to take his chances with the woods and escape the cabin leaving Ash on his own to tend to an injured Linda. He returns seriously injured only to become possessed by the Evil and meet his ultimate demise at the hands of Ash. Scotty was never mentioned again in the sequels, although according to producer Rob Tapert in the commentary for Evil Dead II, a version of the recap had Scotty in it. Scotty was portrayed by Scott Spiegel in Within the Woods and by Hal Delrich in The Evil Dead.

Shelly (age 24)

Scotty's girlfriend and probably the least developed character in the film. After Cheryl is possessed Shelly retreats back to her room where she is possessed by the Evil which hurls itself through a window. Soon after she viciously attacks Scotty who has no choice but to stab and dismember her. With help from Ash Shelly is buried outside the cabin. She is played by Sarah York.

Supporting Characters in Evil Dead II

Annie (age 25)

Annie is the Professor's and Henrietta's daughter. She travels to the cabin to proceed with her research on the book of the dead which her father was also pursuing. Throughout most of the film she is just an observer, she doesn't actually get in on the action until most of her comrades are dead. When Ash is possessed by the Evil she runs inside and accidentally stabs an already injured Jake in the chest with the Kandarian Dagger. Annie screams at Jake to shut up while dragging him down the hall and into the cabin's main room. She then desperately tries to pull Jake back from the clutches of Evil Henrietta when she learns she left Jake too close to the cellar opening but it's to no avail.

Later when she learns that Ash is back to his old self again both she and Ash decide to gather up the pages of the book and finish off the Evil. In the middle of reading, she is stabbed by Ash's evil hand. She finishes translating the text before she dies. She was portrayed by Sarah Berry.

Jake (age 48)

Bobbie Joe's boyfriend and an incredibly stereotypical Southerner. Once at the cabin Jake and the others throw a confused Ash into the cellar after he mistakingly attacks them. Later after Bobbie Joe runs from the cabin and disappears. Jake loses it and makes everyone leave the cabin with him. As they leave the cabin Ash is possessed by the Evil and attacks Jake. Jake manages to escape Ash long enough to seek help from Annie within the cabin. Unfortunately the confused and frightened Annie stabs him in the chest with the Kandarian Dagger and in her rush to get away from the possessed Ash slams the door on Jake's body several times before pulling him inside. Jake is then dragged screaming down the hall by Annie and left a bit too close to the cellar door, he lies defenseless and is eaten by Henrietta. He was played by Sam Raimi film regular Dan Hicks.

Bobby Joe (age 20)

Jake's beautiful girlfriend and a fairly useless woman. She meets up with Annie and company while they're attempting to find a way to the cabin. Along with Jake she helps Annie and co. get to the cabin via a back trail. Once at the cabin she is mistakingly shot at through the cabin's door by a frightened Ash. After recovering she spends most of the time complaining and screaming until being frightened by Ash's possessed severed hand and running outside the cabin. Once outside she is grabbed by vines and dragged at incredible speed though the woods to be stopped by impacting a large tree. She was played by Kassie Wesley.

Ed (age 31)

Ed is Annie's co-worker, he travels with her to the cabin to proceed with their research of the book of the dead. Soon after they arrive at the cabin Ed becomes possessed by the Evil and attacks Bobbie Joe ripping her hair out with his teeth. Ed then throws an attacking Jake into a bulb as Annie looks on in shock. Ash kills Ed with a fatal hit from a newly acquired axe to the head. He was portrayed by Richard Domeier.

Professor Knowby (age 65)

Annie's father and Henrietta's husband. He traveled to the cabin to finish his research on the necronomicon. However, things turn out very badly when he recites a passage from the book releasing the Evil surrounding the woods. He is attacked by his wife and is forced to lock her in the cellar. Before succumbing to the Evil himself he manages to leave a tape explaining the terror he has unleashed and later shows up as a spirit explaining to Annie how to get rid of it. In The Evil Dead, his voice was performed by Bob Dorian and was personified by John Peaks in Evil Dead II.

Henrietta (age 62)

Henrietta is Professor Knowby's wife and Annie's mother. She travels to the cabin with Professor Knowby to research the book of the dead. Henrietta is possessed soon after the Professor reads from the book and attempts to kill her husband. She is locked in the cellar soon after by her husband to protect himself. Non-possessed Henrietta appears once in the film feebly beckoning to Annie to open the cellar door and let her out. Locked in the cellar for most of the film she taunts the captives and tries unsuccessfully to get them to open the cellar door. She attacks Ash when he is thrown in the cellar after mistakingly attacking Annie and company. Later Henrietta is able to eviscerate an injured Jake who is dragged a bit too close to the cellar door by Annie. Finally Ash and Annie open the cellar and prepare to kill her once and for all. After a fierce battle in which Henrietta gruesomely transforms into an even more disgusting looking creature she is shot through the head and killed by Ash. She is played by Lou Hancock in her normal form and Ted Raimi in her possessed form.

Supporting Roles from Army of Darkness

Arthur (age 36)

The ruler of a small kingdom who is at war with Henry the Red and his men. After Ash arrives to the past, Arthur mistakes him for one of Henry's men and later throws him into a well with deadites inside it. After Ash defeats the deadites and escapes, he defeats Arthur and forces him to help him return to his time. Arthur was portrayed by Marcus Gilbert

Sheila (age 32)

Sheila was a peasant in Arthur's kingdom whom Ash romances. She was kidnapped by a flying deadite and corrupted by Evil Ash. After Evil Ash was defeated by good Ash, she returned to normal. Sheila was portrayed by Embeth Davidtz

Evil Ash (age unknown)

Evil Ash is the evil zombie incarnation of Ash Williams. He leads the army of darkness against King Arthur.


The Evil Force

An evil entity soul that was released when Professor Knowby recited passages from the Necronomicon. In The Evil Dead, the Evil is released by Ash and his friends and subsequently possesses them. In Evil Dead II, the Evil Force is given a physical form, a large demonic creature with the heads of its victims on the side; also called "Rotten Apple Head". In Army of Darkness, the Evil is seen briefly, where it chases Ash into a windmill. Most of the Evil's scenes are shown through its point of view.

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