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Woody plants of Soldiers Delight

The Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, consists of about of land in Baltimore County, Maryland, USA.   Much of the area of the Soldiers Delight NEA contains a serpentine barren that contains a number of rare and endangered species of plants.

The following list of woody plants comes from the publications by [F] Fleming et al. 1995, [M] Monteferrante 1973, [R] Reed 1984, [We] Wennerstrom 1995, [Wood] Wood 1984, and the unpublished data by [Wo] Worthley 1955-1985.

----List of Woody Plants of the Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area

Division Pinophyta (Gymnosperms)

Cupressaceae - (Cypress Family)

Pinaceae - (Pine Family)

Division Magnoliophyta (Angiosperms)

Class Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons)

Aceraceae - (Maple Family)

Anacardiaceae - (Cashew Family)

Berberidaceae - (Barberry Family)

Betulaceae - (Birch Family)

Caprifoliaceae - (Honeysuckle Family)

Celastraceae - (Staff-tree Family)

Cornaceae - (Dogwood Family)

Ebenaceae - (Ebony Family)

Elaeagnaceae - (Oleaster Family)

Ericaceae - (Heath Family)

Hamamelidaceae - (Witch-hazel Family)

Juglandaceae - (Walnut Family)

Rosaceae - (Rose Family)

Salicaceae - (Willow Family)

  • Populus deltoides Marsh. - Eastern Cottonwood [Wood]
  • Populus grandidentata Michx. - Large-toothed Aspen [We, Wo]
  • Populus tremuloides Michx. - Quaking Aspen [We]
  • Salix nigra Marshall - Black Willow [Wo]
  • Salix serissima (L.H. Bailey) Fern. - Autumn Willow [Wo]
  • Salix occidentalis Walter - Dwarf Prairie Willow [R, We, Wo]

Simaroubaceae - (Quassia Family)

Vitaceae - (Grape Family)

Class Liliopsida (Monocotyledons)

Smilacaceae - (Greenbrier Family)

  • Smilax glauca Walt. - Glaucous Greenbrier [M, R, We, Wo]
  • Smilax hispida Muhl. - Bristly Greenbrier [Wo]
  • Smilax rotundifolia L. - Common Greenbrier [M, R, We, Wo]


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