A dustpan is a cleaning utensil (also known as Dustpan and brush (UK)), commonly used in combination with a broom. The dustpan may appear to be a type of flat scoop. It is often hand held for home use, but industrial and commercial enterprises often use a hinged variety on the end of a stick to prevent the user from constantly stooping to use it.

Handheld dustpans may be used with either a full-size broom or with a smaller whisk broom or brush sometimes called a duster. This second combination may be sold as one unit.

It was invented by the American inventor T.E. McNeill in 1858 ()

Also the Lloyd P. Ray was the first black man to make improvements to the dust pan. In Aug 3, 1897, he received a U.S. patent # 587607 for a device with a wooden handle attached to a metal collection plate so that trash could be collected orderly.

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