dusting down

Dusting Down The Stars

Dusting Down The Stars is the fourth single on Tomorrow Starts Today, the debut album of alternative rock group Mobile.

The music video is set in an empty field with a woman and a man. The video is depicted entirely backwards. When played backwards, the white (wedding) dress is seen initially, and the man puts the dress into a suitcase. Once the suitcase is closed, the dress becomes paint, in which the woman places her arms once it is opened again. This metaphorical statement implies the two will soon become married. Later on, however, the woman takes her arms out of the white paint and walks away from the man, signifying that the bond that they once had is now broken, they are drifting farther apart, and that they will not be married. The rain at the end of the video (which is chronologically the beginning of the video) also has an impact on the video as well, whichever way (forwards or backwards) it is shown.

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