crop duster

Usually, an aircraft used for dusting or spraying large acreages with pesticides, though other types of dusters are also employed. Aerial spraying and dusting permit prompt coverage of large areas at the moment when application of pesticide is most effective and avoid the need for wheeled vehicles that might damage crops. The technique was greatly improved in the 1960s with the development of ultra-low-volume applicators, in which concentrated pesticides are distributed in extremely small amounts. Seealso spraying and dusting.

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A Duster can be:

  • A dustrag or cloth used to remove dust from furniture or other objects
  • A feather duster
  • A smaller whisk broom or brush
  • A light coat or housecoat; see Duster (clothing)
  • An automobile, the Plymouth Duster
  • A member of the Amarillo Dusters arena football team
  • A member of the Hudson Dusters street gang
  • A gas duster to use on electronics
  • The M42 Duster Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon.
  • A lo-fi space-rock band; see Duster (band)
  • A main character in the game Mother 3, see Duster (Mother 3).
  • An agricultural aircraft is an aircraft that has been built or converted for agricultural use -- usually aerial application of pesticides (crop dusting) or fertiliser (aerial topdressing); in this role they are referred to as "top dressers" or "crop dusters." Agricultural aircraft are also used for hydroseeding.
  • A term given to a style of stories and movies about the Western Half of the United States (cowboys), sometimes also known as Westerns.
  • In baseball, a brushback or possible beanball.
  • A really fast sailboat with extremely talented crew
  • A legendary bucking horse of the 1930s, owned by rodeo owner Harry Rowell (World Champion bronc rider Pete Knight was killed after being trampled by "Duster").

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