Mega Man III (Game Boy)

Mega Man III, known as in Japan, is the third video game in the portable Game Boy version of the Mega Man series. The game follows the adventures of Mega Man as he fights the evil Dr. Wily, who has been using a converted oil platform in the middle of the ocean, hoping to use power from the earth's core to power a new machine. This is the only original Gameboy series Megaman game where Wily does not have an orbiting fortress satellite as his final hideout.

Robot Masters

As listed in the ending of the game:

# Robot Master Origin Weapon
DWN-023 Spark Man Mega Man 3 Spark Shock
DWN-019 Gemini Man Mega Man 3 Gemini Laser
DWN-022 Snake Man Mega Man 3 Search Snake
DWN-024 Shadow Man Mega Man 3 Shadow Blade
DWN-031 Dive Man Mega Man 4 Dive Missile
DWN-032 Skull Man Mega Man 4 Skull Barrier
DWN-027 Drill Man Mega Man 4 Drill Bomb
DWN-030 Dust Man Mega Man 4 Dust Crusher
MKN-002 Punk New Screw Crusher

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