Klondike (TV series)

Klondike is a 17-episode half-hour Western television series that aired on NBC. The series premiered on October 10, 1960 and ran until February 13, 1961. It faced stiff competition from The Danny Thomas Show on CBS and the second half of the first-season detective series Surfside 6 starring Troy Donahue on ABC. Klondike followed Dale Robertson's Tales of Wells Fargo on the NBC schedule.


Klondike was set during 1897 in the gold rush town of Skagway in the Alaskan Klondike region, starring Ralph Taeger and James Coburn, with supporting roles for Joi Lansing as Goldie and Mari Blanchard as Kathy O'Hara.

Taeger played the "good guy" Mike Halliday, described by one observer as "Clint Walker without the charisma", and Coburn portrayed the con man Jeff Durain. When Klondike did not attract a large audience, NBC cancelled the show but shifted Taeger and Coburn to play detectives in Mexico in the short-lived Acapulco series. Klondike was related to the hour-long 1959-1960 ABC series The Alaskans starring Roger Moore, Jeff York, and Dorothy Provine, also set in the port city of Skagway and during the 1890s. In the debut episode, the characters rush to Alaska to search for gold. Other episodes included "The Golden Burro" with Edgar Buchanan about a burro who could find and dig for gold; "Bathhouse Justice", in which a bathhouse serves as a courtroom in a murder case; "Sure Thing, Men" in which the group seeks a mining site only to run afoul of an old sourdough; "88 Keys to Trouble", in which someone releases all the inmates from the jail; "Saints and Stickups" in which a person of apparent moral bearing robs a stagecoach, and "Swing Your Partner", in which a group comes to town and dances the night away. In the series finale, some members of the town are held hostage for their gold. The others work to free them, and to salvage the treasure for which they had all labored so diligently.

Various episodes of Klondike were directed by Sam Peckinpah and William Conrad, later Frank Cannon on CBS's detective series Cannon. Supporting roles were played by Western tough guy L.Q. Jones, a native Texan as Joe Teel, and by Karl Swenson, a recognized character actor of Swedish descent in two different roles.


Episode # Production Code Episode Title Airdate
1 PA59-250 "Klondike Fever" October 10, 1960
2 PA59-248 "River Of Gold" October 24, 1960
3 PA59-247 "Saints and Stickups" October 31, 1960
4 PA59-246 "The Unexpected Candidate" November 7, 1960
5 PA59-245 "88 Keys To Trouble" November 14, 1960
6 PA59-244 "Swoger's Mule" November 21, 1960
7 PA59-243 "Sure Thing, Men" November 28, 1960
8 PA59-242 "Taste Of Danger" December 5, 1960
9 PA59-241 "Bare Knuckles" December 12, 1960
10 PA59-240 "Halliday's Club" December 19, 1960
11 PA59-239 "Bathhouse Justice" December 26, 1960
12 PA59-237 "Swing Your Partner" January 9, 1961
13 PA59-236 "The Golden Burro" January 16, 1961
14 PA59-238 "Queen Of The Klondike" January 23, 1961
15 PA59-235 "The Man Who Owned Skagway" January 30, 1961
16 PA59-234 "Sitka Madonna" February 6, 1961
17 PA59-233 "The Hostages" February 13, 1961


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