Dub or dubbing may refer to:

Arts and entertainment:

  • Dub music, a sub-genre of reggae music
  • Dub poetry, a form of performance poetry consisting of spoken word over reggae rhythms
  • DUB Magazine, covering the urban custom car culture
  • The Dubs, an American vocal group from the 1950s
  • Dubbing (music), the copying of audio recordings from one medium to another
  • Dubbing (filmmaking), the process of recording or replacing voices for a motion picture
  • Overdubbing, adding supplementary recorded sound to a previous recording
  • Dub localization, altering the dubbed translation of a foreign language film or television series to further adapt it for a "local" audience
  • Lip dub, a type of music video that combines lip syncing and audio dubbing
  • Dubbing dramaturge, a profession in the movie industry
  • Dubplate, an acetate disc used in mastering studios for test recordings



Other uses:

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