Talke Pits

Talke Pits is a village in the Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. Nestling between the border of Staffordshire and Cheshire. It's history the mining of coal 'Talke ' o' the Hill. The top of Talke with two pubs and St Martins Church at the top of Audley Road. Down Audley Road is a little local hamlet known affectionately to the locals as Venice, once overlooking the tailings 'slag' heaps as a result of the extensive mining of coal in the area. Now a hyper mart outlet and industrial zone. Adjacent to Finneys wood also known as Parrots Drumble, and close to the motorway bypass.

Talke pits has an original Saxon cross that stands high on the hill overlooking the Cheshire Planes. The Saxon cross actually stands opposite St Martins church at the highest point of Talk O the hill.

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