Thizz subgenre

Thizz is a sub-genre of Bay Area Hip hop.

Bay Area Hip Hop Music was popularized by the late Mac Dre (Andre Hicks). It is often centered around concepts similar to hyphy (such as getting stupid, going dumb) and sometimes with a more gangster appeal. Unlike Hyphy's uptempo pace and drum pattern, Thizz beats are often slower paced with a more club friendly appeal while using druggedout type of sounds. The music is often put into the cateragory of Hyphy music. Thizz and Hyphy music developed around the same time in the Bay Area and are often associated with each other because of lyrical subjects, shared region, and artists representing both musics like Mistah F.A.B.

Well-known examples

Some of the most well known Thizz songs:

  • "Get Stupid" - Mac Dre
  • "Feelin' Myself" - Mac Dre
  • "Thizzle Dance" - Mac Dre
  • "Since 84'" - Mac Dre

Mostly anything Mac Dre post 2000.

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