Drudge is a word that defines a person or the act of doing hard, menial or monotonous work. When searching online, this is a common word that is also used to reference a very popular online news-reporting source, the Drudge Report. There is also a secondary online reporting website that is very similar in format and name to the Drudge Report, it is called the Drudge Retort.

The Drudge Report was created and is run by Matt Drudge, after whose name the online news aggregation site was named. The site is basically a media hub where one can go to find links leading to stories about entertainment, politics and current events having to do with the United States and international mainstream media. Though this media outlet is opined to have a more conservative tone than others, the actual links that appear on the site come from all manner of political leanings. The Drudge Report originated back in 1996, and is best known as the first news source that broke the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

A direct competitor of the aforementioned news source is the Drudge Retort. This news media outlet was created by Rogers Cadenhead in 1998 after Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report failed to register the domain name. Cadenhead's original theory was to offer a liberal alternative to the Drudge Report, and evidently the idea took off. Both papers are similar in presentation, using similar typography and formatting, which was a deliberate move on Cadenhead's behalf. The main difference between the two on a visual level is that the Retort uses a yellow background, which is a below-the-belt jab at Drudge, suggesting that he is a "yellow journalist." Yellow journalism refers to a type of journalism that relies on sensationalism, not legitimate well-researched news, to sell more papers.

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