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Hoven Droven

Hoven Droven is a Swedish folk rock band founded in 1989. They specialize in instrumental, hard rock arrangements of old Swedish folk tunes. The closest English translation of "Hoven Droven" is "helter skelter" or "whatever."

Their 2006 album "Jumping at the Cedar" was nominated for a 2007 Grammis in the folk music category.

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  • Hia-Hia (1994, Xource/MNW (Sweden) XOUCD 110)
  • Grov (1996, Xource/MNW (Sweden) XOUCD 114)
  • Groove (1997, compilation of "Hia Hia" and "Grov," NorthSide (U.S.) NSD 6002)
  • More Happy Moments with Hoven Droven (1999, Home (Sweden) 013, NorthSide (U.S.) NSD 6043)
  • Hippa (2001, Home (Sweden) 020, NorthSide (U.S.) NSD 6062)
  • Turbo (2004, Home (Sweden) 032)
  • Jumping at the Cedar (2006, 2-CD live compilation, Home (Sweden) 044, NorthSide (U.S.) NSD 6090)

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