Ol' Drippy

"Ol' Drippy" is the seventh episode of the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was first broadcast on April 21 2002.



Due to Master Shake's refusal to use garbage cans and refrigerators, the kitchen has become a disease-ridden pile of filth and raw chickens. In response Frylock, who says, "A dog wouldn't even take a crap in here!", forces Shake to go to the store and buy cleaning supplies to fix the mess. Shake returns from the store without cleaning supplies and instead with air freshener and Cheez Whiz. Saying that the kitchen is dead to him, Shake attempts to make the living room a new kitchen, with the recliner as the new stove. However, after setting the recliner on fire, Meatwad tosses a can of air freshener on the fire, which explodes and blasts Shake out of the house and into the yard.

Meanwhile, a mold on the kitchen floor has slowly grown and begun to breathe. By the time of the explosion, it enters the living room as a mobile, talking creature who agrees to play with Meatwad and his dolls. The creature is very kind and named Drippy (due to his dripping on all of Meatwad's things). When Shake returns, he is frightened by Drippy and runs to the kitchen, where Frylock finally convinces him to take all the dishes out of the house... though Shake drops them directly into Carl's pool (powered by a battery and dog shampoo).

Drippy quickly befriends and performs kind acts for everybody. Among the acts:

  • He rakes Carl's lawn as an apology for stealing a headless cardboard cutout of a beer model (which Carl had taken from a liquor store).
  • He buys lattes for everybody (except Shake, who was absent at the time).
  • He cleans Carl's pool after Shake deposits all the dishes and shampoo in it.
  • He helps move the television to Meatwad's room.

Shake, however, is envious of the attention Drippy is getting and treats him very cruelly. When Shake threatens to move out, however, nobody in the house offers to stop him, and he ends up living under sofa cushions in the front yard during a rainstorm. However, a blast of lightning sends Shake back into the house, where he comes down with a cold. Drippy, in an offer to help Shake, reveals he is half-penicillin and lets Shake eat him to get better; when Frylock reveals he has penicillin, Drippy wants to stop, but Shake convinces Drippy the only way he can get better is to keep munching.

By the time Shake is finished, Drippy is nearly completely eaten. Shake then goes outside and sees a flier in the road. As he goes to pick it up, a truck comes barging towards him. Drippy, seeing Shake about to be struck, rushes out and pushes Shake out of the way, himself being smashed by the truck. Later, Shake expresses no gratitude towards Drippy, convincing Meatwad that he had spoken poorly of him before the push and that the whole incident was the mold's fault.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the now-regular ending credits sequence. This marks that the Aqua Teens are no longer detectives.
  • When Shake hits Meatwad with a gutter, he yells "Taste the chrome!" a line used by Carl in the previous episode.
  • In this episode, after Drippy tells Carl to marry the cardboard cut-out, Carl says "If I wanted a wife to nag my head off, I would have ordered one from Russia." Coincidentally, Carl orders a Chechnyan bride in "Mail-Order Bride."
  • The flyer Shake finds advertises a restaurant named Lord of the Wingz, an obvious parody of Lord of the Rings.

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