The House That Dripped Blood

The House That Dripped Blood is a 1970 British horror anthology film directed by Peter Duffell and distributed by Amicus Productions. The film stars Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Nyree Dawn Porter, Denholm Elliott, and Jon Pertwee. The film is a collection of four short stories, all originally written and subsequently scripted by American author Robert Bloch, linked by the protagonist of each story's association with the eponymous building. The film carries the tagline "TERROR waits for you in every room in The House That Dripped Blood."


Shortly after renting an old country house, film star Paul Henderson mysteriously disappears and Inspector Holloway from Scotland Yard is called to investigate. Inquiring at the local police station, Holloway is told of the house's history.


'Method For Murder'

A hack writer (Denholm Elliot) moves into the house with his wife (Joanna Dunham) and is haunted by visions of Dominic (Tom Adams), the murderous, psychopathic central character of his latest novel.


Two friends (Peter Cushing and Joss Ackland) become fixated with a macabre waxwork museum that appears to contain a model of a lady they both knew.

'Sweets to the Sweet'

A nanny (Nyree Dawn Porter) is horrified by the way a cold and severe widower (Christopher Lee) treats his young daughter (Chloe Franks), even refusing to allow her to have a doll.

'The Cloak'

A temperamental horror film actor (Jon Pertwee) moves into the house while starring in a vampire film being shot nearby. He buys a black cloak from a peculiar shopkeeper to use for his film character's costume. The cloak seems to instill in its wearer strange powers, something his co-star (Ingrid Pitt) quickly discovers.

Cast (by segment)


'Method For Murder'


'Sweets to the Sweet'

'The Cloak'


  • Vincent Price was first offered the part of Paul Henderson, but was unable to accept, even though he liked the script, because American International Pictures held an exclusive contract with him for horror films.
  • Originally, director Peter Duffell wanted to have the title Death and the Maiden but producer Milton Subotsky decided finally for the title The House That Dripped Blood.
  • In the "Waxworks" segment one of the figures is of Christopher Lee portraying Dracula.
  • Christopher Lee can be seen reading his favourite book, The Lord of the Rings. Over 30 years later, he would appear in the Peter Jackson films based on story.
  • Horror movie star Paul Henderson (Jon Pertwee) says he misses the "old, great" horror movies, and mentions Dracula. He then adds: "the one with Bela Lugosi of course, not this new fellow," obviously referring to Christopher Lee, who is also in the film.
  • Geoffrey Bayldon, who plays the antique shop owner that provides Paul Henderson with the vampire's cloak in "The Cloak," is made up and costumed to resemble Ernest Thesiger from The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
  • The wires used to fly Ingrid Pitt and Jon Pertwee in "The Cloak" segment are easily seen.
  • The movie is mentioned in an episode of the show Rocket Power.

DVD Releases

Cover Art Format Audio Subtitles Region Aspect Ratio Studio Release Date
DVD-Video, NTSC English:
Region 1 1.85:1 Lions Gate Home Entertainment October 28, 2003
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Dolby Stereo,
5.1 Dolby Surround,
DTS 5.1 Surround
none Region 2 1.85:1 Anchor Bay Entertainment October 27, 2003

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