World Snooker Championship 1991

The event

The 1991 Embassy World Snooker Championship took place at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield between 20 April and 6 May 1991. John Parrott took the title, beating Jimmy White 18-11 in the final. It was the third time that White had lost in the final.


Highest Break

140 Jimmy White

Notable Moments

  • Established player Cliff Thorburn missed out on Championship for the first time after playing in every championship since 1973 and every Crucible championship. Thorburn lost to Nick Dyson 10-5 in the final qualifying round. This left Dennis Taylor (who also made his debut in 1973) as the only player to play at every Crucible championship since it started in 1977.
  • Future champion Ken Doherty made his Crucible debut losing to Steve Davis 10-8, while former champion Joe Johnson qualified for the last time losing to Dennis Taylor 10-6. Both matches were played in the first round.
  • Gary Wilkinson attempted a 147 break in his first round match against Doug Mountjoy after making a 120 but missed the last yellow in the bottom right pocket.
  • Defending champion Stephen Hendry lost to Steve James 11-13 in the quarter-final. The defeat for Hendry would be his last until the 1997 final to Doherty.
  • The opening of the semi-finals started on the day Steve James and Jimmy White had celebrated their birthdays. James his 30th and White his 29th. MC Alan Hughes sang 'Happy Birthday' with the crowd before the start of their session
  • The other semi-final featured Steve Davis who made his 9th semi-final in a row, which is still a record, and John Parrott who gained revenge after his 18-3 defeat in the 1989 final by winning 16-10.
  • There were 31 century breaks in the 1991 World Snooker Championship, which was a new championship record, surpassing the 20 made in 1986.

Qualifying Rounds

1st Qualifying Round

R Lawler beat D Mienie 5-0 ret, B Werbeniuk w/o C Everton scr, V Potaznyk w/o J Meadowcroft scr, J Birch bt P Burke 10-4, C Cookson bt D Heaton 10-5, P Thornley bt P Morgan 10-7, F Chan bt I Black 10-1, J Ferguson bt D Greaves 10-1, A McManus bt B Kelly 10-1, G Natale bt B Demarco 10-3, J Whittaker bt B Bennett 10-2, J Prince bt F Davis 10-4, K Doherty w/o P Fagan scr

2nd Qualifying Round

R Lawler bt A Harris 10-5, J Fitzmaurice bt M Gauvreau 10-9, M Price bt B Werbeniuk 10-1, V Potaznyk bt G Cripsey 10-4, J Birch bt K Stevens 10-4, M Morra bt V Harris 10-5, T Wilson bt D Hughes 10-2, J Wright bt M Watterson 10-0, I Brumby bt T Whitthread 10-4, C Cookson bt R Bales 10-1, John Rea bt R Foldvari 10-9, J Smith bt J Bear 10-9, P Medati bt I Williamson 10-7, R Edmonds bt P Thornley 10-3, E Sinclair bt M Bradley 10-4, N Terry bt F Chan 10-8, S Campbell bt T Kearney 10-4, D Gilbert bt D Sheehan 10-3, B Harris bt M Darrington 10-5, J Grech bt J Dunning 10-1, J Ferguson bt P Houlihan 10-4, A McManus bt T Murphy 10-6, S Meakin bt G Miles 10-6, B Pinches bt J Donnelly 10-3, A Cairns bt G Natale 10-2, P Gibson w/o P Watchorn scr, J Whittaker bt S Murphy 10-8, B Oliver bt D Campbell 10-7, G Scott bt M Fisher 10-7, J Prince bt R Reardon 10-5, K Doherty bt M Smith 10-9, K Owers bt M Gibson 10-2

3rd Qualifying Round

R Lawler bt B Rowswell 10-4, W King bt J Fitzmaurice 10-3, M Price bt J McLaughlin 10-4, L Dodd bt V Potaznyk 10-3, I Graham bt J Birch 10-7, M Morra bt David Taylor 10-8, R Marshall bt T Wilson 10-9, M Johnston-Allen bt J Wright 10-0, B Morgan bt I Brumby 10-3, C Cookson bt M Macleod 10-4, M Bennett bt John Rea 10-5, J Smith bt J Chambers 10-8, D Morgan bt P Medati 10-5, R Edmonds bt J Spencer 10-4, N Dyson bt J Sinclair 10-8, M Rowing bt N Terry 10-6, N Gilbert bt S Campbell 10-8, J Campbell bt D Gilbert 10-8, B Harris bt S Longworth 10-9, J Wych bt J Grech 10-1, J Ferguson bt T Chappel 10-9, A McManus bt D Roe 10-6, S Meakin w/o J O’Boye scr, B Pinches bt B Gollan 10-6, T Jones bt A Cairns 10-6, S Duggan bt P Gibson 10-7, E Hughes bt J Whittaker 10-6, N Bond bt B Oliver 10-2, C Edwards bt G Scott 10-3, J Prince bt C Roscoe 10-9, K Doherty bt R Williams 10-4, P Browne bt K Owers 10-6,

4th Qualifying Round

W King bt R Lawler 10-7, L Dodd bt M Price 10-7, I Graham bt M Morra 10-7, R Marshall bt M Johnston-Allen 10-9, C Cookson bt B Morgan 10-4, M Bennett bt J Smith 10-6, R Edmonds bt D Morgan 10-7, N Dyson bt M Rowing 10-3, N Gilbert bt J Campbell 10-9, J Wych bt B Harris 10-7, A McManus bt J Ferguson 10-6, B Pinches bt S Meakin 10-8, T Jones bt S Duggan 10-5, N Bond bt E Hughes 10-5, C Edwards bt J Price 10-6, K Doherty bt P Browne 10-6

5th Qualifying Round

Warren King bt Barry West 10-2,

Steve Newbury bt Les Dodd 10-5,

Ian Graham bt Dene O’Kane 10-7,

Robert Marshall bt Peter Francisco 10-9,

Gary Wilkinson bt Chris Cookson 10-2,

Mark Bennett bt Wayne Jones 10-8,

Eddie Charlton bt Ray Edmonds 10-2,

Nick Dyson bt Cliff Thorburn 10-5,

Nigel Gilbert bt Bob Chaperon 10-8,

Tony Knowles bt Jim Wych 10-2,

Alan McManus bt Tony Drago 10-8,

Barry Pinches bt Danny Fowler 10-5,

Tony Jones bt Silvino Francisco 10-6,

Joe Johnson bt Nigel Bond 10-8,

Craig Edwards bt James Wattana 10-8,

Ken Doherty bt Cliff Wilson 10-5

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