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Hole or Holes may refer to:

  • a confined lack of structure in some part of an object
  • an individual section of a golf course
  • Black hole, an object with an immense gravitational field
  • Electron hole, in physics and electronics, the absence of an electron in the valence band.
  • News hole
  • Ozone hole, in climate and environmental sciences, a large and seasonal decrease in stratospheric ozone over Earth's polar regions since the late 1970's (see ozone depletion, too).
  • Punchhole, for filing paper
  • Hole cards in Poker
  • Memory hole, which has multiple meanings
  • Portable hole, a device used in animated cartoons and games
  • Hole (football), a region or position in a football team formation
  • In horse racing, a horse's post position in the starting gate
  • Shortened form of hollow, meaning a valley
  • "The hole", a slang term for solitary confinement

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