Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is a 2004 American comedy film directed by Sara Sugarman and starring Lindsay Lohan. It was written by Gail Parent and is based on the book by Dyan Sheldon. It was filmed in various locations, primarily south-central Ontario. Its tagline was "So much drama, so little time."

This film was rated PG by the MPAA for "mild thematic elements and brief language".


Fifteen-year-old Mary "Lola" Cep (Lindsay Lohan), desperate for attention, moves with her family from New York City to the suburbs of Dellwood, New Jersey, not to her approval. Her new attitude then gets a reality check as she begins to realize she must become best friends with the most popular girl in school, Carla Santini (Megan Fox). Lola makes friends with an unknown girl named Ella Gerard as they both share a love for the fictional band Sidarthur (spelling as in script, however sometimes interpreted as Sidartha or Sid Arthur - possibly a play on Sid Vicious), whose lead singer, Stu Wolf (Adam Garcia), Lola has a crush on, and Ella has a crush on Steve, the bassist. The band "Sidarthur" can also refer to the Buddhist monk Sidharta Gautama. She also meets Sam, a cute guy who takes a liking to her.

Lola tries out for the school play, a modern version of Pygmalion named "Eliza Rocks" because the teacher wanted to base it on a modern-day New Yorker with "modern, hip" music. The play uses David Bowie's song "Changes" as its main theme. After getting the part of Eliza over her brand-new enemy Carla, the resentment between the two grows. What comes next is an announcement over the radio that Sidarthur has broken up and that Stu Wolf does not ever want to work with the band again. Lola and Ella are devastated.

Lola and Carla end up challenging each other on the dancing machine after school at an arcade. While there, Carla reveals that she already has tickets to Sidarthur's sold-out farewell concert due to her father being Stu Wolf's lawyer (mentioned earlier in the movie) as a revenge against Lola. Lola tells Carla that she and Ella have tickets, too, based on a connection of her mom's. Lola wins the dancing machine game and earns some respect from the others.

Lola tries to get tickets as well in order to upset Carla. Because she gets grounded and has no allowance, Lola asks Sam, a friend who kind of adores her to "borrow" Eliza's dress. He nearly gets caught when Miss Baggoli, the drama teacher gives the performers a break from training and goes to the drama room, but she is distracted by Lola while Sam hides as a mannequin, behind a mirror, and eventually exits behind Miss Baggoli's back. Ella offers to pay for both of their tickets at first. After failing to obtain tickets legally, Ella and Lola take a train to New York City in order to buy tickets from a scalper. But things don't go as well as they thought.

Lola had left her bag behind the sink on the train, and now doesn't have the money to pay for new tickets at the box office. Lola and Ella finally give up, and they walk through the city to find Stu's after-show party. Lola's dad, Calum, and his dog follow them; he promises Lola to back off, but he threatens to come in if he sees anything wrong. He tries to tail them from further away. They finally get in after finding a drunken Stu passed out in an alley and taking him to a diner, where he throws a doughnut at a police officer. Stu is taken to the station, where Ella finds out Lola told a lie about her father being dead. When they arrive at Stu's house, Ella is still angry, but when they are dressed in Stu's clothes and in his room, she forgives Lola and the two have some fun. Later, Lola and Stu see each other and hug one another. Lola tries to discuss his music with him, but ends up confronting him with the fact that he is a drunk after he rambles the whole time giving silly answers. Lola and Ella return to school the next day, eager to boast to Carla about their antics at Stu's party, but are confused when Carla succeeds in convincing everyone else they never attended. In a drama rehearsal, Lola breaks down after Carla interrogates her and causes everyone else (including Miss Baggoli) to laugh and believe that everything Lola says is a lie.

Afterwards, Lola goes home, upset, and decides not to go to the performance, but she is spurred on by Ella's encouragement. Meanwhile as Miss Baggoli questions the absence of Lola's presence, Carla confirms that she knows Eliza's script and that she will take the part. Just in time, Lola arrives and goes on stage as her part. Just as she is about to go on stage, Lola's mother wishes her luck and calls her by her nickname. She gives a good performance and the scene then focuses on the after-party at Carla's. Stu Wolf shows up on the doorstep to see Lola and return her necklace and to save humiliation, Carla attempts at saying he is here to see her, but is promptly proved wrong when Stu sees Lola and gives her the necklace, in front of everyone. As Carla's lies become apparent to everyone, she backs up and falls into the fountain, greeted by everyone's laughter. In pity, Lola helps her up and the two resolve their issues. After dancing with Stu, she dances with Sam and they eventually share a kiss, ending the film.


Filming locations

Most of the movie was actually filmed in Canada. Scenes at the high school were filmed at King City Secondary School, in King City, Ontario, Canada. The scene in front of the concert venue was filmed at Toronto's Elgin Theatre on Yonge Street. As well Montreal was the filming locations for many of the scenes.


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