[doun-pawr, -pohr]

Downpour is a "Pop-Metal" band out of Covington WA.

Band Members

  • Dane Nilsson - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • M. Kienan Briscoe - Lead Guitar
  • Cory Frashefski - Bass
  • Brent Nilsson - Drums
  • Andrew Creech - Keys/Synth

Defining Pop-Metal

The band talking about their unique sound:
"There's just something appealing to us about combing two genres that generally hate each other. That kind of duality opens up endless, unique, and untouched possibilities. We're not just talking about some heavy guitar and a catchy chorus; We're talking about blast beats to dance beats, dual guitar solos, hand clapping, foot tapping, and elegant piano over thunderous double bass.


"The First Reign: EP" (2008)

Track Listing:
1. The First Reign
2. Running Red Lights
3. Colour Story
4. Rain Dancer
5. With Integrity
6. With Integrity (Acoustic Version)

"In Medias Res" (Coming in 2008)

Currently the band is finishing up their first full independent record "In Medias Res" containing eleven original songs written and recorded by the band.
Track Listing:
1. Running Red Lights
2. Walking On The Wire
3. From Fire
4. I Of The Storm
5. Rain Dancer
6. Colour Story
7. With Integrity
8. Party At The Apocalypse
9. Blasphemy And Triggers
10. Satellite Settlements
11. When It Rains, It Pours

Music Videos

  • Rain Dancer (2008)


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