Valerie Anand

Valerie Anand (1937- ) is a British author of historical fiction.


Under the pen name Fiona Buckley she writes the series of historical mysteries, set in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, featuring "Ursula Blanchard" (whose full name is Ursula Faldene Blanchard de la Roche Stannard). Under her own name she writes historical fiction based on the royalty of England and the Bridges over Time series which follows a family from the eleventh century through the nineteenth century.

Ursula Blanchard mysteries

  • To Shield the Queen (©1997) ISBN 0-671-01531-1
  • The Doublet Affair (©1998) ISBN 0-671-01532-X
  • Queen's Ransom (©2000) ISBN 0-671-03293-3
  • To Ruin a Queen (©2000) ISBN 0-671-03294-1
  • Queen of Ambition (©2002) ISBN 0-7434-1030-0
  • A Pawn for a Queen (©2002) ISBN 0-7432-0265-1
  • The Fugitive Queen (2004) ISBN 0-7434-5748-X
  • The Siren Queen (2004) ISBN 0-7432-3752-8

Bridges Over Time Series

  • The Proud Villeins (©1992)ISBN 0-312-08282-7
  • The Ruthless Yeomen (©1991) ISBN 0-312-08884-1
  • The Women of Ashdon (©1993) ISBN 0-312-09417-5
  • The Faithful Lovers (©1993) ISBN 0-312-10979-2
  • The Cherished Wives (©1996) ISBN 0-312-13943-8
  • The Dowerless Sisters (©1995) ISBN 0-7472-1267-8

Norman Series

  • Gildenford (©1977) ISBN 0-684-14896-X
  • The Norman Pretender (©1982) ISBN 0-684-16099-4
  • The Disputed Crown (©1982) ISBN 0-684-17629-7

Other Historical novels

  • King of the Wood (©1984) ISBN 0-312-02939-X
    • based on King William Rufus
  • Crown of Roses (©1989) ISBN 0-312-03315-X
    • based on the end of the Wars of the Roses

The Innocence of King Richard III

Valerie Anand is a believer in the innocence of King Richard III in the matter of the Princes in the Tower. She presents this view in Crown of Roses. See John Alcock (bishop).

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