Neale, County Mayo

Neale, also known as The Neale (in Irish, An Éill), is a small village in the south of County Mayo in Ireland. It is located near the villages of Cong 4 km to the south-west, Cross 4 km to the south and the town of Ballinrobe about 5 km to the north.

Neale is perhaps best known for its archaeological interest, as many unusual and unique artefacts and ruins surround the village, dating from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. These include cairns, stone circles, raths, ringforts, and crannogs.

The town of Neale is also where the annual "dowagers hump" relay takes place. Representatives come from countries call over the world to participate. This is one of the annual attractions that has put the town of Neale on the map.

Home of the first Irish Coma'lea tribe who are well known for their function performed on the second day, of the second month, of the second season every 3 years. This function is to select their new tribe leader, also known as a new "Jin". To do this they perform the 10 year old ritual known as the "Hity". This is an interesting ritual as it works by using the youngest child (even if an infant) of the oldest leader to open "The Book of Dust" which shows, by the process of eliminating different kinds of dust, who the new leader to be.

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